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Hi all! Thanks for swinging by… Saw Tarte do a cool little “Would you rather?!” segment on their IG story last week and thought it was pretty rad. I got to thinking and thought that making my own similar little post, kind of to help you all get to know me a little better! I also decided to 

ask my friends Kait (@ktmst9) and Sarah (@forgettingsarahsnyder *if only* jk jk) what they would rather for a fun comparison!

Feel free to comment your answers below, I’d love to hear from you! Let’s get started…



•Have No Eyelashes or No Eyebrows?

Ashlie: I guess my answer would have to be brows? Although drawing them on is definitely my weakness, you need real lashes for the false ones to adhere to… so I guess I would just have to learn to draw brows or buy one of those weird eyebrow stamps that I saw on Facebook one time.

Kait: No eyebrows because you can always tattoo those suckers on.

Sarah: No eyebrows, although I lack in some serious art skills and would probably rock those sharpie looking brows until I figured it out.

•No Falsies or No Contour?

A: This one is really very hard for me. I love my contour and I love my Ardell’s. UGHHH I guess I would have to invest in a very high end mascara (find a list of favorites here) and keep contouring my life away. I don’t know what it is about applying a little bit of bronzer under my cheekbones, but I can’t live without it.

K: No contour.. eyes are obviously a huge thing for me and I think having your falsies/eyelashes on fleek really draws people in.. it’s the first thing people see *IMHO*.

S: I’m gonna go with no contour, lashes make or break your face, plus I still suck at contouring so this one was easy.

•Go without your Highlight or or your High Heels?

A: Easy, sooo easy. Gimme all the highlighters and sneakers… leave the heels at home. My feet won’t be screaming at me for two days and that’s really all that matters here. Plus… ya girl is about 5’10… who needs heels?

K:  High heels.. I can live with being short. I have for 24 years now, you know?

S: I’d go without highlight, highlighter isn’t gonna make me 4 inches taller and when you’re 5’1 you need all the help you can get!

•Shave your head or NEVER be able to change your hair again?

A: I would shave my head and wear a wig until it grew back… is that an option?! I love love love changing up my hair…I mean I did have long red hair/extensions at the start of 2017. *LOL* I’m not sure I would ever be able to leave my hair the same forever. I wouldn’t survive!

K: This one sucks, but I guess shave my head because a weave is better than a ratchet flow… if I’ve learned anything about beauty it’s to GET YOUR HAIR CUT EVERY 6-8 WEEKS. Trust me!

S: I would probably shave my head, but I would be really nervous I have a weird shaped head so that’s a tough one. Still would probably embrace the baldness.

•Wear winter clothes all summer or summer clothes all winter?

A: Winter clothes alllll summer… because A. I live in Pennsylvania, I would die of hypothermia if I wore summer clothes in the winter, and B. I’m always cold and probably wearing long sleeves in the summer anyway!

K: F**k this one too lmao I just need to be naked always #nudist.

S: Summer clothes all winter. Any chance I get to pretend it’s not winter, I’ll take it. Plus my winter attire is yogas and big sweatshirts, summer is cute and fun *like me*.

•Have dark nails or bright nails for the rest of your life?

A: This one is way too easy for me. My nails are black 99% of the time and have been since I was in about 8th or 9th grade… shout out to Laguna Beach for hooking ya girl on the dark nails way back when.

K: Dark nails because *dark soul*. Ashlie has me hooked on all black everything since her closet looks like a black hole… and because she dresses me 98% of the time.

S: Oooooh super tough for me because I love my extra, basic b**ch highlighter pink but I like a nice dark purple too. I’m going to go against myself here and say dark nails, surprising I know.


Ask your friends and see how your answers differ, it’s actually really fun. Have your own beauty related “Would you rather?!” that you’d like me to answer…? Comment below or ask me on Instagram!

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