Workout Without Breaking Out

Working out is actually super good for your skin. It opens your pores and gets rid of the dirt and oils just hanging around in there… the end result however is that  the sweat that’s full of your unwanted face gunk is now drying back into your pores. HOLD UP. No. Let’s stop this vicious breakout cycle before it even begins.


1. Remove your makeup before working out

Yes, ladies… I said to remove your makeup BEFORE you workout. I’m really sorry that your gym crush will have to see you for the basic, non-contoured b*tch you are, but the alternative is him seeing your face look like a pizza. Which would you rather? The combination of sweat and makeup just adds to the oils being spread all through those freshly open pores. Just skip the makeup, please. 

2. Easy on the hairspray

It’s kind of common sense that sweat from your scalp would rundown onto your face thus bringing down any product you have in your hair, because… gravity. This is now mixing with the dirt coming out of your pores and it will, like your makeup, sit in there after you’re done. If you’re breaking out around your hairline, this could be your issue. Be proactive, go easy on the hair product.

3. Bring your own towel

I know you SHOULD be able to trust your gym, but BYOT is the way to go. The towels could not be all the way clean *ew*, or maybe they only provide paper towels *ouch*. 

Baby towels work best in this situation. They tend to be more delicate which will help not to irritate your skin from over wiping and you can grab them at the Dollar Store.

4. Wash your face immediately after

Just a basic cleanser will do. Exfoliating will be too harsh for your skin at this point. Follow the cleanse with toner, a good moisturizer and of course some SPF.

5. Be Wary of Supplements

I know, I know… you need the protein to get JACKED and the pre-workout for the energy to lift….. HOWEVER, some of the things that are put into your shakes and powders are not so good for your skin, or your body. I’m not telling you to stop taking them, mostly because I’m not dumb enough to believe you’ll listen, BUT I will tell you to L I S T E N to your body. Typically if someone has clear skin, has a good skincare regiment, eats well and drinks enough water, they SHOULD continue have clear skin regardless of the supplements. If you start noticing breakouts or any changes with your skin, switch up your supplements. Chances are if its upsetting your skin, its also not great for your body either.

6. Water

Water plumps up your skin and gives you a healthy glow. Step up your water intake on the days you’re working out to avoiding letting your skin get dehydrated! 


Hope this helps! Keep your skin clear and your #bodgoals high.



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