Writer’s Block: Overcoming It and Some Writing Prompts to Help

Writer’s block is the devil… but I’m here to help! Starting and maintaining a blog can get so overwhelming. Writers block comes in many different forms. Self doubt, boredom and even from outside influences like work or the real world. Not to mention, coming with up cute and original post ideas is a daunting task week in and week out. Here’s a few tricks to leave writers block behind and some post ideas to turn your writer’s block to a *blog* of gold.

1. Go For A Walk, Run, Drive… WHATEVER

Clear your head. Take a pen and piece of paper with you, or use you phone to jot down ideas that may come. Try to take your mind off of writing and the ideas will flow. In conclusion, over thinking is often the cause of writers block, therefore distracting yourself could be the key to solving your problem.

2. Listen to Some Tunes

Lyrics inspire me more than anything. I play music every time I write. My Spotify is my best friend. Sometimes I hear a line of a song and get inspired to write a post that has nothing to do with it. Music has a way of inspiring us whether we realize it or not. Tune into the thoughts that come from what your listen to. Imagine a song from your childhood gives you that nostalgic feeling, so you write a post about your past… pure magic.

3. Brainstorm with Some Gal Pals

I get so much inspiration from my girlfriends. They really help me get out of my own head and push me to be better. Friends have an honest way of telling you how to be the best you, even if it’s not what you want to hear. Sitting back, bouncing ideas off of your friends and getting their feedback could be the answer to your writers block.

4. Scroll Through Pinterest

Pinterest, the Mecca of creativity, how could it not help. Quotes, pictures and reading other blog prompts will help to pull you right out of your creative rut. Just be cautious that you don’t copy or plagiarise anything you find. That’s easy to do when you’re uninspired and suffering from writers block. If you are using an idea that may have come from someone else cite your source! Not sure if you should? Do it anyway...

PS if you’re not following me on Pinterest & Twitter, what are you doing?

5. Free Write

Grab a pen and paper and just write. Add music, add your favorite Netflix series or sit in silence… but don’t stop writing. Every word that comes to your mind for 3 minutes. Maybe it’s not words, maybe it’s pictures… draw them. Let all your ideas flow through your pen. At then end of the 3 minutes read through what you’ve written, I bet there’s inspiration post somewhere in there.

6. Post Ideas

If you’ve done all that and you’re still stuck, here are some prompts to get the wheels turning. I’ve also linked some examples of posts I’ve written because it’s always nice to see some more inspiration…

  1. An About Me with a twist. I did 13 Things About Me because my favorite number is 13, as well as an A-Z About Me.
  2. Update your followers on a regiment you follow. Skincare or workout routines are great update posts!
  3. Show your audience how to style the same piece several ways. Teaching followers to get more bang for their buck is certain to make you more popular!
  4. Use a fictional character for fashion inspiration. Fun for you and fun for your readers, I got great feedback when I dressed like Rachel Green!
  5. Compare something in your hometown to the Kardashian’s. I did the bars in Pittsburgh and laughed the whole time I wrote it. Perfect if you need some comic relief.
  6. Bring awareness to something in your field. Buying followers and engagement, why Instagram comment pods are evil and your thoughts on community over competition could be a few head turners. Just be ready for scrutiny, it seems like no one wants to hear an opinion different from their own.
  7. Share a new experience and explain how it made you feel. Open up to your readers about it, invite them in.
  8. Use a creative way to show a day in your life. I like to show my readers My Day In 10 Pics, I’ve done it a couple of times.
  9. Teach your followers something, but make sure you’re information is right, don’t ruin credibility. If you’re not an expert on the topic, be sure to cite your sources.
  10. Think back to something that impacted you and still does today, tell your audience about it. Show everyone that there is a human behind the screen.
  11. Write about the quotes that get you through the day. You’ll be shocked to know how many mantras you and members of your audience have in common.
  12. What Netflix shows can you binge on forever? Chances are someone in your audience needs a new show to watch.
  13. Great bargains are always appreciated. If you’ve come across one recently, write about it and let others know how to get the same deal.

I hope this was helpful. Remember you’re not alone! If you ever need to talk through your writers block feel free to email me, comment on this post or message me on Instagram.


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