Why I Only Buy Travel Size Mascara…

1. Cost Saver

The travel sizes are the same formula and same brush, but costs almost half the price every time. 

2. Exploration

Who doesn’t love to try new products? If you’re like me anytime a company you love releases a new product, you HAVE to try it. The nice thing about mascara is that you can sample with the travel sizes to see if it’s worth your investment into the big guy, if that’s your thing. 

3. Expiration

This is the big one…. Mascara EXPIRES in 3-6 months depending on the brand and how often you open it. Since mascara is dark and wet (lol, ew) every time the wand is exposed to oxygen and put back into the tube, bacteria is introduced into the product. The mascara tube is perfect for bacteria growth, this is why everyone says not to “pump” your mascara- they’re right, you’re speeding up this process. 

***I often don’t follow a lot of expiration dates because my chemist friend, Elaina, told me most of it is bull shit. However, I think since mascara sits at the opening of your eye, it probably pretty important to make sure I follow this one. 

4. Variety

One for everyday, one for going out, one for effortless, one for falsies, oh I can’t forget waterproof…. the list continues. 

Who likes to wear the same mascara everyday?! Not me. Sometimes I want simple, sometimes I want dramatic. Buying the smaller sized mascara makes me not need as back for having 4-5 different brands in my rotation at a times. I’m not paying full price and I’m using them before they expire. Win, win, win. 

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