Let’s Talk Toner

Toner is a super important step in your daily skin care routine. I think one of the questions I’ve gotten the most since I posted my first blog (skincare regiment) is “why do I need to tone?”.  The truth is your cleansing process isn’t actually complete without it. Here’s why…

1. Removes anything left behind

Sometimes we either don’t remove all of the cleanser, exfoliator or mask… the toner will take care of that. Spray it on and dab a cotton or just apply with a cotton ball upwards in swiping motions.

2. Helps soothe, nourish and hydrate

A good toner will leave your skin glowing and looking super healthy. Be wary of picking up a cheap toner, as the ingredients in it could be hurting more than helping. As with many products, finding a toner thats right for you may be a trial and error process.

3. Prevents breakouts

Failing to tone your skin after washing, exfoliating and/or masking could actually lead to more breakouts. *Ain’t no body got time for breakouts*

4. Restores your skins pH balance

We’re about to get a little scientific up in here. Keeping your skins pH balance at a natural level of about 5.5 is SUPER important. Anytime we do ANYTHING to our skin, it throws of the pH balance of our acid mantle. The acid mantle is a very fine, slightly acidic  (hence the name) layer on the surface of our skin. It acts as a barrier to bacteria, viruses and other free radicals that might TRY to penetrate the skin. Failing to reset our pH balance could lead to breakouts, disrupted immune system and also allow for more sun damage. Take care of your skin, it takes care of you more than you realize.

5. Picking the toner that’s right for you

I currently use the Pharmagel Botanical Tonique and love it. Look for toners that have fruit and other natural extracts, especially things like strawberries and cucumbers.  Be cautious about the toners you get, check the label some ingredients can dry your skin out or cause problems. This again goes with knowing you skin type. If you have dry skin stay far away from products with any alcohol in them at all, if your skin is oily avoid oils! Common sense, right? Enjoy!


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