The Trends: See Through…Everything

In the age of the #freethenipple movement, it only makes sense that one of fashion’s hottest trends is see through clothing. These clothes tend to scare people… “how do I even wear that?”… “YOU CAN SEE THROUGH IT! Is it worth the money?”

Let me help you out…


1. The Bathing Suit Cover Up

Pool bars, boating, beach parties….WHAT DO I WEAR?!?! If you’re not 100% comfortable rocking that tiny little bikini or you’re looking to bring a little more fashion to your outdoor activities, this mesh coverup is for you. I snagged this guy at Forever21. Needless to say, you’ll be seeing it over quite a few of my bathing suits this summer. This dress is great because although it is mesh, it’s also long sleeve for when the sun goes down and it gets a little C H I L L Y

Now I probably won’t ever wear this as a dress for a night on the town, but changing the bathing suit will constantly be giving this dress a new look!


2. Grab That Bralette, Baby Girl!

If you don’t live in a town that is #freethenip friendly or you’re not as confident as my fashion icon Kendall Jenner… get yourself some cute bralettes and rock the H E L L out of those see through tops. What I like about this is that it’s always possible to make your shirt look a little bit different. Changing up whats underneath, be it the color or the style can change the whole look of the top! Bralettes are almost ALWAYS on sale and they’re so much more comfortable than bras with underwire… Losing the underwire is healthier for the *girls* too. Check out the bralette options I have to pair with my white see through top. Top from Forever21. Bralettes from Victoria’s Secret, Aerie, Charlotte Russe & Express.


3. Dress It Up

Who says you can’t be classy and sexy? NOT THIS GIRL. Pair a mesh top with a long sweater or duster vest for alittle added coverage. Throw on some embellished jeans or black pants to complete the look and DAMNNN GINA. Let me know how many heads you turn, it will be quite a few. I got this body suit at Express, it’s nice because it not only has sleeves for the cooler days, but it also has the bandeau built into it!


4. Comfy, Casual

Basic tees are MY FAV. So when I came across a mesh black teeshirt at Forever21, I knew it needed to be in my closet. I pretty much wear this top once a month. It works with every bottom imaginable and even got its wear in the winter under a jacket or a zip up! This is the perfect top for a night that you have absolutely ZERO motivation to look hot, but you’re still not wanting to pay for drinks all night. Also, it can be tied into a crop top for a COMPLETELY different look.


5. The Lingerie Look

Want to feel sexy for date night or GNO? This top needs to be a staple. The see through corset body suits are SO SO in right now, and for good reason. I pair mine with ANYTHING from joggers and heels to jeans and sneakers. It’s cute, it’s sexy and if you use tip #2 you’ll be able to recycle your basic mesh body suit time and time again. If you’re feeling a bit too exposed, take a note from tip #3 and throw on a jacket, zip up or even a vest to cover up a little more without losing the look. Body suit is available at Entice One. Bralette was snagged at the VS Semi Annual Sale, which is going on now just an FYI.




Having a cool, but functional wardrobe is all about buying pieces that you can get multiple wears out of, without everything looking the same… and it’s very affordable to do this just my tweaking the little things about your outfit. I want to be able to help you all express your own style while still being IN STYLE. I hope this helped encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try out this super fun and always sexy fashion trend. Love yourself, ladies!

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