Stopping Travel Induced Breakouts

The holiday weekend is upon us. You’ve almost made it to your long weekend. BUT…… Traveling is stressful; You don’t know what to pack, you’re flying into a hurricane… Airplanes (and cars or rest stops even) are notorious for being stuffy, dry and full of bacteria… YOU ALWAYS BREAK OUT. During my recent trip to Austin, I was already breaking out because of it being that time of the month. So, I decided to try to prevent my breakout from getting way worse from the plane ride.

Here’s what I did…

The Plane Rides

Step One: Sheet Mask
I know I said you shouldn’t use them while you’re breaking out but this was more hormonal than a bacterial issue, so it was okay. I packed one there and one for the way home… Both Miss Spa Beauty. All went well on the ride there, no stares or anything. The way back, on the other hand… it’s a good thing I lost all of my dignity during my college years because the hot guy sitting across from me laughed at me as soon as he saw the mask on my face.🙄🤷🏼‍♀️🙄🤷🏼‍♀️

Step Two: Tone & Moisturize
Brought my little travel size Mario Badescu spray and sprayed it onto my face post sheet mask. I also opted to pack my First Aid Beauty Moisturizer because it’s my go to *heavy-duty* facial moisturizer.

When I landed back in Pittsburgh…

Step One: Normal Night Time Routine 
I landed at about 5 and was at home and in bed before 8……. prior to ending up there, I washed my face as I would in my normal routine, but I also exfoliated.

Step Two: Multi-Masking
This was something new I tried and loved it!

The next day, I used my HeyHoney Uncover Mask (HeyHoneyAshlie10 for 10% off) for 20 minutes, followed by a Tony Moly Avocado Sheet mask for 30. My skin needed some detoxing but also needed soothed, this was literally the perfect combo!


Step Three: Tone & Moisturize
Mario Badescu Facial Spray
HeyHoney Good Morning
First Aid Beauty Face Lotion

I woke up today and my face looks and feels great, it’s even cleared up! If you’re heading out-of-town for the holiday weekend be sure to give this a try and let me know how it works out!

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