Tips for Starting a Routine

Skincare, working out, eating right… it’s all part of a routine, but just how do you achieve getting into the habit of *just doing* these things…? Here’s a few tips that can help you out with starting any type of regular routine…

1. Stay On A Schedule

Wash your face or go the gym at the same time daily (as long as life allows)

2. Track Your Results

Seeing a change in your body or skin will help give you the motivation to keep going when you feel like quitting or are lazy and thinking about going to bed with your makeup on…

3. Stick With It

They say 21 days makes a habit. That’s 3 weeks, it will go by so fast… and trust me it does!

4. Use The Buddy System

Get an accountability partner… one that’s going to either go to the gym with you, or text you every morning and night to make sure you’re taking care of your skin properly. They don’t even have to live near you, just a positive push when you’re feeling lazy.


Have any other tips and tricks that you’ve used to set a schedule? Let me know!

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