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I’m so excited to share all of my acquired skincare and makeup knowledge with you all! For my first post I’m going to go very basic and talk about what is a good skincare regiment. I want to preface this by saying that I have normal skin(with hormonal breakouts *eye roll*). The products that work for me may not be suitable for your skin type. If you have any questions about your specific skin type please feel free to E-mail me or message me on Instagram. However, this post is not about the products, it’s about how you should be cleansing your face and how often. So without further ado…..


The morning is pretty simple, just four steps.

  • Cleanse with face wash
  • Tone
  • Anti-aging serum
  • Moisturize/SPF

Your face wash should not include any sort of exfoliant. Two that I recommend are First Aid Beauty Facial Cleanser and Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash. Both are said to be good for all skin types and they have both worked well for me!

Toning is often the most forgotten step. It’s important because it rebalanced the PH of your skin. I’ll save ALL the details for a later date, but just know this is a very important step. I currently go between two toners, the Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray and Pharmagel Botanical Tonique.

It’s never too early to be proactive about fine lines and wrinkles. I use the Mint Pear Collagen Serum (thank you Ipsy) and Pharmagel Pharma-C Vitamin Treatment.

Finish off with some moisturizer, SPF optional, but highly recommended. Currently I am trying out the Pacifica Dreamy Youth Day & Night Face Cream and I’m REALLY loving it. The smell is super flowery, you will smell like a little old lady for a few seconds- but your skin will feel AMAZING.



The evening is where it gets a little more complicated. Depending on how often you wear makeup, the amount you sweat, and the type of skin you have, your regiment may look different from your friend.

  • Remove makeup
  • Cleanse with face wash
  • Exfoliate (not everyday, see below)
  • Tone
  • Mask (1-2 a week)
  • Tone (only tone twice on the days you mask- before and after)
  • Anti-aging serum
  • Moisturizer


Start by removing your makeup to ensure you’re really cleaning your skin well. I use Pacifica Cactus Water Makeup Removing Towelettes. They smell GOOD. Then go right in with the face cleanser you used in the morning, no need to have two different ones! Usually if I’m not exfoliating and I wore makeup or heavy SPF that day, I’ll cleanse twice to really make sure I’ve gotten everything out of my pores.

Exfoliating is so so important for your skin, mostly because it promotes cell turnover and gets rid of what is dead. However, exfoliators come in all shapes and sizes but not all are created equal and should NEVER be used more than 4 times a week *depending on your skin type*. Be very careful what products you use, I was a worshipper of Saint Ives Apricot Scrub until I found out that the micro-beads are cone shaped, the sharp tail scratches your skin and embeds the beads in your pores! I started to notice that I was actually extracting these beads out of my face. I now use Vasanti BrightenUp Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator and my skin thanks me for it. As I said before, how often depends on your skin type below are the typical rules of thumb with exfoliating.

  • Normal ~ 2-3 per week
  • Combination ~ 2-3 per week
  • Dry ~ 1 time a week…. thats right, once. More on why later…..
  • Oily ~ 3-4 per week
  • Sensitive ~ 1 time per week, be very careful with the product you chose to use!

Masks are my F A V O R I T E. I mask sometimes 3 times a week (if need be). Masks come in all shapes and sizes. I am currently loving the Miss Spa Masks, I use one per week- picking that one that is best for my needs that particular week. My staple mask is the Pacifica Pore Refine Deep Detox Mask, it makes my skin love me and forget all the horrible things I do to it on a daily basis.

I recommend lining up the days you exfoliate and the days you mask, if possible. It’s always good to get rid of the old to perfect the new.

You need tone before and after you mask because both exfoliating and masking really change your PH level in the skin. Toning also helps promote elasticity to help skin looking younger. For toner recommendations, see above.

And then last but not least, finish off with your anti aging serum, eye cream (if you use it) and your moisturizer.


SOOO that’s the rundown. Any specific questions, like I said- E-mail or DM me I am always happy to help. If you’re curious about what any of the products that I mentioned today look like there are pictures of them on the Favorite Products Page. I’ll add to that page anytime I mention a product in a post and I’ll also link the company’s website. I REALLY hope you all enjoyed my first blog post, feel free to explore around the page and thank you for your support!


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