Let’s Talk Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are a HUGE trend right now in the skincare world… and one of my favorites!

Here’s why….

1. They’re easy to use and there’s little to no cleanup!

Pull them out of the packaging, stick them on your face until it’s time to remove them, then they’re gone and in the garbage in less than two seconds…. perfect for a quick hydration boost when you don’t have time for a full masking process

2. They’re great for ALMOST any type of skin

Since you’re able to get them in formulas, you can find something that works for you. Some are infused with retinal or collagen to promote the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and are perfect for aging skin! Others have aloe and other ingredients known to norish and moisturize the skin, these are good for dry skin or just to use after you’ve been in the sun.

3.  They leave my skin feeling clean and refreshed

I have yet to remove a sheet mask and feel like my face was going to crack off because it’s too dry…..

4. They’re great for the overall health and appearance of your skin

Most sheet masks are packed full of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, each usually with their own set of specific benefits to your skin.


A few things to know about sheet masks before going out and grabbing your own…

1. They’re not great for those with acne

Since the mask creates another layer over the skin, it causes the skin to heat subjecting it to an increased production of bacteria. If you have oily AND very acne prone you should do a patch test on your cheek three days before using the full mask to ensure you won’t breakout after you apply the full thing.

2. Sheet masks do not replace *real* masks

They get their name because it looks like a Jason mask 9/10.. however the sheets are actually soaked in a serum-based formula that doesn’t exfoliate or cleanse deeply.

3. They are one size fits all

…but not every face shape is the same 🤷🏼‍♀️. I often find myself trimming some off of the bottom or having too little on the sides. Usually applying the mask from the top of the forehead and working your way down (making sure your eyes line up in the holes) is the easiest way of tackling the application process.

I don’t want to get into brands today, because there are SO many. However, if there’s a mask you LOVE, I want to try it. Leave it in the comments, please!


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