My First Reiki Treatment Experience

I know what you’re thinking. “This girl got a new job at a company with Reiki infused products. Now she’s going to preach to us about it.”

Not the case.

Yes. I am now working for Rutz Naturals as their social media manager. And YES. I did do this because I need to experience to be able to properly portray it to you. *BUT that will not effect the honesty of this post.*

Rutz isn’t paying me to write this. This is not a sponsored ad. I am overall trying to be a more spiritual person. So, when Steph suggested I try Reiki for my anxiety I said, “why not?!”

What is Reiki?

Reiki is defined by google as a healing technique based on the principle that the practitioner can channel positive energy into the patient using their touch. This helps to activate natural healing processes of the  body. It is said to restore both physical and emotional well-being. Another definition, according to is,

“Reiki restores energy balance and vitality by relieving the physical and emotional effects of unreleased stress. It opens blocked meridians, nadas and chakras. Reiki clears the energy bodies, leaving one feeling relaxed and at peace.”

Who benefits from Reiki?

Everyone. I personally went into my treatment wanting to rid myself of the extreme anxiety that I carry around on a day-to-day basis. It would greatly benefit anyone with high anxiety, stress or chronic physical pain to at least attempt it.

The Night Before

No lie, when Steph said she wanted me to get a treatment I was nervous, not to mention skeptical.

This is for two reasons. First, I grew up in a Catholic household and went to a catholic school for 12 years, despite the fact that Reiki has nothing to do with religion… I was taught that when you have pain you take a pill and say a prayer. Healing energy, crystals and natural medicine wasn’t something I was introduced to until my sophomore year of college. It’s something that’s intrigued me ever since. Second, the only exposure I had ever had to it was when my neighbor did them… she chose to do them at 10:30 pm, outside, around a fire (outside of my bedroom window) while banging on a gong. Typically this occurred on a school night, I was feeling the exact opposite of positive energy the next day. Being that I only saw it as people banging on gongs and chanting, I was a little nervous.

Hello YouTube. What did I just get myself into?!

I googled “reiki treatment” and watched the first two YouTube videos to pop up from a search. The first of an actual treatment. It was weird but I’m keeping an open mind. The second an explanation of what it actually is, which made me more intrigued.

The Day Of

No lie… when Steph said “want to get it today?” I was nervous and honestly still skeptical. However, I also suffer from very bad, sometimes debilitating anxiety topped with seasonal depression. I barely ever sleep and at this point I’m desperate for help. I noticed that the Rutz products were already making me feel a more positive energy. Why not give this a try?

The Treatment

After using Sage and Palo Santo, to cleanse the room and bring in the positive energy, Steph gave me an eye pillow to cover my eyes with, to heighten my senses. Before she left the room to wash her hands and prepare for the treatment, I was instructed to think about the outcome that I wanted. Steph had me envision that I was standing under a waterfall and the anxiety was being washed away as if it were dirt that was physically stuck to your body. Steph infused two crystals to hold and I put one in each hand. As soon as I grasped them my hands started to feel a weird sensation, they were almost getting lighter in weight. Then it was time to focus.

In my mind I was covered in thick mud, consumed by my anxiety… but it was time to I let that shit go…

First, Steph laid her hands on my head. I didn’t feel anything really at first. Next she moved to my shoulders, I started to feel my legs twitch… weird, but I do tend to twitch when I relax so I just let it ride. When she moved to my left arm and leg the twitching on that side of my body stopped, but my right leg went CRAZY.

I was laying there thinking “it’s like the bad energy is hiding from her, trying to go where she hasn’t been yet”. It was surreal to me.

Finally, once Steph made it around my entire body, the twitching decreased and pretty much stopped. I felt myself take one or two really deep breaths through out the entire thing. It honestly almost felt like I was experiencing a less intense form of sleep paralysis. I knew what was going on, but I wasn’t controlling my body’s movements.

The Aftermath

IT WAS AWE INSPIRING. I shot up as soon as she was done and asked if the twitching as what I thought it was… I was right. The twitching was the bad energy being pushed out of my body. I had just felt my anxiety leaving my body.

I felt like I was clean and the thick mud was gone…My whole body felt lighter.

Am I feeling less anxious? Absolutely.  

Have I found a cure for anxiety? No.

Do I feel more at ease? Yes.

Did I sleep like a baby last night? I sure did.

After my treatment Steph told me that I would need to drink a lot of water. This is an instruction that I’m accustom to receiving after massages or facials. Drinking water post treatment helps you to flush out the toxins that were just released throughout your body. However since she didn’t actually rub anything on my body I didn’t take much caution to her warning.

Two or three hours later I was thirstier than a girl posting booty pics on Instagram.

I could not get enough water in my body. The only other time I’ve felt like this was after my first massage when I didn’t drink water as instructed. Again, Steph never technically massaged anything… all she did was lay her hands on various parts of my body. Ummm what?! More proof to me that Reiki healing is real.

Will I get Reiki again?

Oh hell yes! I would do it daily. I could be just new to the game and obsessed, but I don’t think so. As I said before I was very skeptical, but it works. I felt the anxiety leaving my body and I saw how my body physically reacted to the treatment. The fact that I was twitching and then needed so much water, two physical signs. I’m a very big seeing is believing kind of person, so actually having these things physically happen to me, were all the convincing I needed. Two added bonuses are the way I feel and the way I slept last night.


If you’re interested in receiving Reiki treatments and are located in the Pittsburgh, PA area email Steph at South Hills Reiki for more information. Not in Pittsburgh? Reiki infused products can be purchased at use the code ASHLIE for 25% off of your first order.

Do you or someone you know suffers from anxiety or depression? Here is a post by a friend to help you understand what’s going on.




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