Fashion Inspo: Rachel Green

You may or may not know this about me, but I am a Friends fanatic. I’ll relate any situation to an episode, sometimes I can even refer to it by name… “you know… The One With the….” In my opinion, it’s not a bad problem to have.

If you needed any futher proof that I’ve always been a Friends fan….I also wanted to name my little brother Chandler, I was 4 and he was named “Billy” much to my dismay. I still do love Chandler, but he is my second favorite character in the show. The first being, you guessed it…

Rachel Green.

Her hair, her style… her life. I relate so much it hurts.

Enjoy a few modern twist on RG’s 90’s style accompanied by some awesome gifs. Some even say she was the original hipster… and for the record, putting yourself in a side by side next to Jennifer Aniston is….interesting…. to say the least.

1. Layers

Rachel notoriously rocks long-sleeved tees under her slip dresses. Since Autumn is right around the corner, I figured this was a good inspo look to start out with. Not only are you styled like Rachel Green, but you’re also getting more wear out of that little summer dress. Of course, pair this look with your little white sneaks for the truest type of Rachel look.
Dress: Express
Long Sleeve: Forever21
Shoes: Rampage

2. Flowy Pants and a Crop

This outfit is from one of my favorite episodes, the one that Rachel and Monica have to no longer be roommates and Monica has to “LIVE WITH A BOY!!” Anyway, this look is super comfy and so easy to accomplish. It’s just a longer, looser crop top with some flowy or “Hiram” pants.
Shirt: H&M
Pants: Gabe’s (I live for the bargain)

3. Flannel

Flannel is a HUGE part of Rachel’s wardrobe, and it was very hard to just pick one look… however, the scene with Ross at the laundry mat is too iconic to pass up. The cut off, tied up flannel look is the perfect laid back, effortless, but sexy look. High waisted pants or leggings to complete your outfit and keep you looking like the 90’s never left.
Flannel: I honestly have no idea
Leggings: Forever21
Shoes: Adidas Neo Courtset

4. Overalls… x2

I4658858b-d570-4a64-b865-ac5aa50f5d9e-1t can’t be a Rachel Green post without OVERALLS… that’s why there are two styles here. Plus, overalls are making a BIG comeback and have been over the past year or so. Belted overalls,  overalls and a bralette. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either of these looks. Low key and sexy. As we transition to the fall, overalls are perfect for your everyday look. c6771cd5-79d0-4ef3-a9da-b568b14e7d72You can dress them up or dress them down… wear them with sneaks, wear them with stilettos. Style is fun.
Overalls: My Mom’s from the 90’s (authentic and vintage, guys)
Long Sleeve: Polo
Belt&Bralette: Express
Sneaks: Adidas Neo Courtset


This was SUCH a fun piece to style, shoot and write… expect many more *style inspo* related posts in the future. Comment below and let me know of any celebrities or fictional characters that are your style icons and I’ll see if I can work them into the schedule!


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