Pimples: How to Pop Them Like a Pro

“What’s on my mind today?” you ask… Pimples. Blemishes. Zits. Evil planets forming moons and taking over my cheek. Whatever you call them, we’re going to talk about the right way to pop a pimple… the way the pros do it. It’s been quite sometime since I’ve addressed any skincare topics, so I figured today was a good day to do so.

Pimples come in many shapes and sizes, they’re pesky no matter what they look like and where they are. Getting rid of them is always top priority and since the only way to do so is to pop them, we typically pick at them until they bleed, form a scab and then eventually go away.

Before we go any further, let me tell you that I LOVE popping pimples. My favorite part of beauty school was extractions and before then my favorite part of my day was picking my face. I even used to pop my roommates back pimples. I love popping pimples… Dr. Pimple Popper is my b*tch.

I mentioned above that “extractions” were my favorite part of beauty school… meaning I learned the correct way to extract a pimple. You’ll need an extractor, all of your favorite skincare products… cleanser, toner, soothing mask, any serum or moisturizer… and then either a warm towel or water, baking soda, cotton balls and a bowl. That will make more sense in a minute, promise.

Here are the steps:


1. Cleanse and Tone Your Skin

You’ll need your regular facial cleanser, if you were wearing makeup… cleanse twice. You don’t want anything on your face that can get back into the extraction site and cause another pimple. Finish up with your favorite toner and let it skin into the skin.

2. Soften The Skin

You can do this one of two ways. The first and easier was is to use a warm, damp towel or wash cloth to soften the skin and open your pores. Sit the towel over the pimped for 3-5 minutes and allow the steam to open your pores and soften the sebum inside of the pimple. The second way is to prepare a “desencrustation fluid”. This mixture is roughly 4 parts distilled water, .5 part baking soda. Soak a cotton ball or gauze pad in the liquid and then place it on your pimple for 10-15 minutes.

Softening the skin and opening the pores makes it easier for whatever is stuck inside to come out. It loosens up the gross stuff and helps prepare our skin to be able to let it out.

3. The Pro Style Pimple Pop

                                       The extraction, the big pop, the best feeling in the entire world…

Using your clean extractor (not your fingers, see next paragraph) and gently push down and glide the bigger loop over the head of the pimple. Repeat until you’re sure it’s all out. Sometimes after I’ve used it once or twice, I will gently use my finger tips wrapped in a clean tissue to make sure I’ve gotten it all.

Be cautious not to over scrape your skin with the extractor, it’s very easy to get carried away and end up with a larger scab than necessary.

The reasons to use an extractor as opposed to your fingers are 1. fingers have bacteria that will get into your pores and cause more pimples, 2. you can actually force the bacteria in the pimple deeper into your pores using your fingers and 3. your fingers can cause more damage to your skin and the elasticity of it when squeezing and pulling to pop a pimple. For under $11 on amazon, this Tweezerman Whitehead/Blackhead remover can be yours.


4. Tone It, Mask It, Finish It Off

Use your favorite toner and then slap on your favorite calming mask to help sooth your skin back to health. After the mask rinse, tone again and complete your skincare you normally would.

In conclusion… *get you an extractor, gurlllll*... Your skin will thank you and your pimples will heal faster. If you follow these steps exactly you’re basically giving yourself and at home extraction facial… congratulations, you just saved roughly $200. You’re welcome.



Shirt & Skirt: Express, Boots: DSW, Photog: Elise Michaux

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