I’m going to preface this post by saying it’s more for those in the blogging community.

…Whether you’re just starting a blog or you’re a seasoned vet, it’s always nice to hear a good networking idea that works!

Recently I had an idea… so I reached out to one of photographer friends @elise.michaux and asked her to help me out. I asked Elise to help me plan a meet up with local bloggers and photographers, she agreed. The plan was in motion…

The week of the meet up finally arrived, and the weather forecast seemed grim. Starting around Wednesday bloggers and photographers alike started dropping like flies. We went from about a dozen of each to only 5 or 6 of both groups committed. I was seriously terrified that my meet up was going to be a flop.

The day finally came, I picked up my flowers from @jessica.linn.events & grabbed the cupcakes from @oakmontbakery and headed off to Shady Side. More nervous than I’ve ever been. The bright side was, the weather was beautiful!

Taken by: @Jakekramerphotography @madisonbrunner, @ashliehipp

Parking was a nightmare for all. I actually drove past or designated meeting spot and yelled for @kelclight to come grab the flowers and cupcakes… walking a blog with a bag or two of clothes was difficult enough. I wouldn’t have been able to make it in one trip… God forbid I ever take two.

Anyway, we headed to a house on Bellefonte St. and made ourselves at home under their pergola for a group pic…

Taken By: @jakekramerphotography Back row: @thefemhem @noellekramer @thetrendpgh @ashliehipp @breakfastatiffanymaries @kelclight Front row: @unconditionallycreative @madisonbrunner @iamcaitlambert

The best part is… we never left that street. The meet up lasted for three and a half hours, but we stayed basically on the same block! I purposely didn’t set an end time, because I didn’t know how it was going to go. We even stayed through a small drizzle that lasted about 15 minutes… so, it was obviously pretty great!

ANYWAY… We came across a hidden staircase and @mphilipphoto went to ask if we could use it… Fast forward an hour and we were invited into one of their apartments to take pictures. INSANE.

Candid by @jakekramerphotography, @breakfastattiffanymaries, @unconventionallycreative, @ashliehipp

We were all styling each other, snapping candids of the photographers doing their thing. I can’t even put into words the amount of positive and creative vibes that were being tossed around.

In addition to some local bloggers, I also reached out to Summer, the over of @thetrendpgh and she brought some of her clothes for us to rock for some cool photos.

Taken by: @jakekramerphotography. @ashliehipp & @noellekramer wearing @thetrendpgh pieces

There was even one point where a woman with a camera joined in on the fun for about a half an hour…still now sure if anyone got her number!

@thetrendpgh, @ashliehipp, @breakfastattiffanymaries, a model the photographer @photosbyjenks, @unconditionallycreative, @noellekramer

The meet up went so well that not only did we make up our own hashtag (#pghbloggerbabes), but we also are planning another. GUESS WHAT?! We want it to be bigger and better.

@hankisdope, @noellekramer, @keclight, @jakekramerphotography taken by: me!

SOOOO… if you’re a local blogger, business or photographer message me on Instagram or email me at ashliehipp@gmail.com so we can get you on the information list!

If you’re a blogger or photographer from somewhere else and you’re looking for more information on how we set all this up, feel free to reach out the same way!

Taken By: @elise.michaux Back row: @thefemhem @noellekramer @thetrendpgh @ashliehipp @breakfastatiffanymaries @kelclight Front row: @unconditionallycreative @madisonbrunner @iamcaitlambert

Be sure to give all my people a follow… check out their work and blogs too! So much talent it’s almost unbearable.

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