Nail Hacks

If you’re anything like me, you H A T E taking the time to do your nails, but you’re not into paying $50 every two weeks to get them done. I’ve found some awesome tricks and techniques to make the nail painting process a little less *annoying* and I wanted to pass them along!

1. Removing Stubborn Polish

I LOVE any polish that shines, is a neutral color, or is dark (black being my favorite). Recently, I used an Essie polish that was both black and had sparkles in it. I could not get this polish off for the life of me… UNTIL I came up with a plan, it worked so well that I’m sharing it with you.

First I grabbed a bottle of PURE ACETONE and poured some into a bowl. Next I soaked my fingers one hand at a time for about a minute. After the first dip I wiped the polish away, IT WAS WORKING. I repeated that process until both hands were almost clean. The sparkles in the polish, as well as some of the pigment was stuck onto my nails and now my some of my skin as well… if this happens, don’t panic. Simply dip both hands in at the same time, next to some warm running water… let your fingers sit for about 30 seconds and wash your hands with soap. BAM! all the sparkles and stubborn pigment should be gone! Finally lotion your hands, you’ll see the drying effect that the acetone will have on your skin.

Note: This technique is not safe for acrylic nails.


2. Drying Time

The W O R S T part of painting your nails has to be waiting for them to dry. It is literally the most unproductive 20-30 minutes of your life. Let’s cut that drying time down.

Fill a bowl with some cold water and pop it in the freezer while you paint your nails. After they have dried for 10 minutes and are no longer tacky, but still not completely dry, remove the bowl from the freezer and dip your fingers into the water. The cold temperature of the water will help completely harden the polish, making you free to go about your day!


3. If it’s Humid, Try Another Day

…or wait three years for them to dry and stilllllll mess them up!


4. Combat the Heat During the Summer Months

Heat causes nail polish to become thick and sometimes clumpy. Put your polish of choice into the refrigerator for10-15 minute before applying. This is  to make it go on smoother but ensuring it stays thin enough to spread across your nail!


As always, when I come across more hacks- I’ll share them.

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