My Day in 10 Pics: Feb ‘18

When I did this last month, I never expected it to get as much attention as it did.

For that, I’m back with a second installment of “My Day in 10 Pics” the February edition…

1. I got my morning iced coffee.

Venti, iced coffee with 7 pumps of vanilla and 5 pumps of sweet syrup… hold the cream/milk. I used to get this with skim milk or creamer, but I kept breaking out on my cheeks. Turns out too much dairy will keep you breaking out right where I was, since I love cheese and limiting it was not an option, I cut it out of my coffee. When I switched over to almond milk, it would turn weird and kind of gross in the drink. Thus, this is my morning Starbucks order these days.

2. Self-care Saturday

Since I wake up typically before the crack of dawn (thanks Blayze), I had some time to kill before Nic and I were going to frolic downtown… so I showered and threw on a face mask. My skin needed the extra TLC.

3. Condado

I’ve been dreaming about their queso ever since it touched my lips. Love at first taste. Their tacos (and food in general) are so amazing that there’s always a wait to get it. We got lucky and got in there literally right before it got crazy.

4. Colony Cafe

We really wanted to play with some cats and drink wine…. BUT on weekends you have to schedule time to go upstairs with the kitties. It was a bump in the road, we were both sad, but the show must go on.

5. Random Vintage Entertainment Shop

While we were waiting for our uber to take us somewhere else, we stumbled into this vintage entertainment shop. I think that’s what you would call it. Vinyls, CDs and VHS tapes for $1. We found the porn corner upstairs… so many unopened vintage Playboy mags, that was good. All the weird porn on VHS made me a little uncomfortable, and even more so when Nicole pointed out that people actually used to own these things. Thank God for the internet, am I right?

6. Sienna Mercato

Tickets secured, bottle of wine drank… hereeee we go.

7. We went to a Pens game!

I actually hate hockey- Nic does too, so we didn’t last in our seats very long. This is how close we were though! Not bad for some free tickets.

8. We walked around a lot.

I actually did hold up that sign both at our seats and walking through the arena. Not sure it helped at all, but it was hilarious. Also, we met Iceburg. He rushed away from us like we had cooties.

9. We drank more.

First at a dive bar across from the arena, and then we went to the other end of the spectrum and had a drink at Social House. We closed the night out with a quick lap around Seven and then we called our Uber.

10. Sleepy Ash

andddd that was my Saturday. My feet still hurt from wearing heeled booties around the city, my legs were sore like I had worked out everyday for the past week, but it was so worth it.

Until next month…



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