Bargain of the Week: My Calvins

Calvin Klein underwear is the underwear sent down from heaven… but I’m not paying that much for stuff that so very few even get to see. 

Marshall’s for the win. Calvin Klein Bralettes for $10.99-14.99. Typically these babies retail for $32.00 and up! 💰 

I’ve also found a couple pairs of panties as well, but they haven’t been marked down quite as far as the bralettes, and they seem to not have my size very often. Plus, we’ve all seen what they look like on every girl’s instagram feed😜.

I’ve seen undies for $14.99-19.99, but like I said, my size just always seems to be gone by the time I get to them 😕. 

Oh… and you’re welcome for the sexy J. Beibs gif. Google is the greatest invention. 

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