Girls Night In • Mini Facials

If your group of gal pals is anything like mine, from time to time you all get a little sick of the hustle and bustle of a night out on the town. Maybe your wallet needs a break or you’re sick of being hungover for the next three days, either way… you’re not alone. Since your run of the mill pizza/ice cream and movie night can get a tad monotonous, not to mention fattening, I’m here to give you another idea for a girls night in… MINI FACIALS!

What You’ll Need:

You’ll need a cleanser, toner, exfoliator, mask, serum and moisturizer as far as products go… a bowl of water to wet your hands and the product, about 5 warm damp towels per person (optional towel warmer), 4 cotton pads per person and some hair clips! Also, I like to use a brush to apply the mask, less messy.

The Steps:

1. Rest warm towel over the face for 1 minute to open pores

2. Cleaner (1-2 minutes)

3. Wipe with fresh warm towel

4. Exfoliator (2-4 minutes)

5. Wipe with fresh warm towel

6. Put toner on cotton pads (one for each hand) and apply to face in an upward motion

7. Apply Mask (10 or as directed on product)

8. Toner again, same way!

9. Apply serum (optional)

10. Apply moisturizer (SPF if it’s daytime!) 

How to rub:

The professionals will cleanse you working from the insertion to origin of your muscles to keep from causing damage. I recommend you do the same. Shout out to my girl Sydney for being my hands in this demonstration….

However it is important that when rubbing directly under the eyes not to pull the skin outward this can cause wrinkles. Ask your friend if the pressure you’re using is good for them and get to work!


Product Recommendations:

I would have everyone bring their own cleanser and moisturizer just so that you’re not upsetting anyone skin or normal routine too much… I recommend one of two exfoliators, Hey Honey Come Clean (use HeyHoneyAshlie10 for 10% off) and Vasanti Brighten Up, toners, again this is more your preference… My favorites are the Pacifica Happy Essence Hydro Mist, Mario Badescu & Pharmagel.

Now mask are going to vary by skin type…  

Let me preface this by saying that I have normal skin with all of these because I know from profession and personal experience that you can be two things. Some weeks I’m normal to dry, some I’m normal and a little oily… you’ll hear me say 100 more times, listen to your skin.

Normal to Dry/Sensitive Skin– I recommend using any sort of moisture mask. Miss Spa Beauty has two, one coconut creme sheet mask & one gold creme mask✨ that are great for any skin needing a little more moisture. Stick to nourishing masks with ingredients like aloe🌱 and other natural moisturizers.

Normal to Oily Skin: My go to is the Hey Honey 🍯 Uncover mud mask, but if you’re not wanting to spend the money Miss Spa Beauty has an awesome chocolate 🍫 mask that is great! Try to stick to masks that are mud or clay based, this helps dry up the excess oils.


Good for all: Make it a wine 🍷 themed night and get all your friends he Miss Spa Beauty Red Wine Sheet Mask. Bottoms up!



I plan on doing more girls night in– themed post… if you have any ideas on what you’d like to see comment below! 

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