LASHES: Episode II Mascara

Welcome back for the second E P I S O D E of the LASH Saga, we’re going to talk about MASCARA. Mascara is a product that can overwhelm those who aren’t *into* makeup, I’m here to help. With so many brand options, brush styles and price ranges, it’s hard to choose what mascara is both worth the money and right for you!

1. Drugstore Brands

Let me start by saying that I do not personally use any drugstore brand mascaras… this is because I firmly believe that mascara is a product that you get what you pay for. Often times these mascaras clump or fall off of your lashes (ew, raccoon eyes) easily.

If you are looking for a solid drugstore priced mascara, Great Lash by Maybelline has been my Mom’s go to for years! Yep, the one in the pink and green bottle, it’s also been rated the #1 drugstore mascara for like ever. If you have any that you like, please comment below and share your experiences with them!

2. Middle of the Road Brands

These are the mascaras that I know something about!

Benefit Rollerlash– This masacara is perfect for a subtle daytime look. Not a ton of volume, but the brush is awesome. It separates your lashes and makes them look L O N G.

Urban Decay Pervsersion– This is my favorite. Such a S I L K Y formula that you can feel coating your lashes. Makes your eyelashes appear thicker and longer! I use this for any evening or bold eye look. It’s a fan favorite throughout my group of friends as well. This can be a little difficult to get off, but if you use makeup remover to help it should come right off.

TooFaced Better Than Sex– Though it’s probably the most popular of the three, it’s my least favorite. The formula tends to clump my lashes, no matter how little I try to use. I do like the volume and length that it gives me, but I don’t like any clumps in my lashes at all. I’ve also heard several complains that the brush is hard for some people to work with, I don’t have a problem with it but it’s definitely something to keep in mind before purchasing.

3. Designer Brands

Since I tend to shy away from the pricer, high-end brands… I want you all to meet my skin-twin, firecracker and makeup guru friend Sherry! I met Sherry in beauty school and DAMN does this woman know her makeup. You can follow Sherry on IG @etherealera and ask her any question about any makeup brand and she’ll have or find you the answer!

Anyway, here’s what my girl Sherry (that’s her over there) has to say about a few of the designer mascara brands on the market…

Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume Mascara– This mascara gives you extreme lashes! Many might find this only suitable for an evening look. I love the false lash look so I wear it during the day as well! The innovative packaging with squeezable pump tube leaves you with no need to dip the wand back in, which is unique and cool! It won’t destroy your lashes, However one downfall is that it is very lush and eyelashes may need combed out.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara– The perfect in between Mascara. It gives you the volume and length you’re looking for without being over the top. This is the perfect Mascara to go with a smokey eye. I love pairing this with Marc Jacobs gel eyeliner. This will give you a super sultry look. It is extremely smudge-proof which is a great thing, but that does mean that it can be hard to completely remove.

YSL The Shock Volumizing Mascara– This will give you great length and is a good everyday mascara. The hourglass shaped wand helps grab each lash. This means no clumping your lashes are clean-looking. However, I do feel like while this mascara claims to be volumizing I feel it falls short for the price point.



Hope this information was helpful! If there are any specific brands you would like to see reviewed, comment below and I will try to get my hands on them (if I dont already have them) ASAP.

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  1. My favorite mascara is usually the one that I am using at the moment. I get bored so I switch it up a lot. Right now I am using Smashbox X Rated. I’m on the prowl for a new favorite. Usually I like a wetter mascara but this one is too wet feeling. And the wand is super long, I hate that. AND when you close the tube it leaks out at the top so I’m constantly cleaning the tube. It does remove super easy and it doesn’t flake into my eyes, that’s always a bonus!

    Maybe I’ll try the Urban Decay next…

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