Bargain of the Week: Marc Jacobs Beauty

High-end makeup for under $15.00… no. It can’t be.

It is. Marshall’s and TJ Maxx have been stocked up on Marc Jacobs Beauty products over the past several months.

Here’s what I’ve come across (and obviously bought) so far…
Omega Lash Mascara: $4.99. This is the perfect everyday mascara. The high-end answer to Benefit’s Roller-Lash. Typical retail price is $10.00.

Marvelous Mousse Foundation: $12.99. I’ve gotten two (summer color: Beige Medium, winter color: Beige Light) *these are currently at the TJ Maxx in Robinson in several different shades. I saw Ivory, Ivory Medium, Beige Light, Cocoa, Fawn and Golden Medium. This retails for $55.00.

#InstaMarc Contour Powder: $14.99. This was the first high-end steal, it happened a few months ago and I was PUMPED. I love a good contour and this gives me exactly what I’m looking for. I have the shade Hi-Fi Filter. Retail price is $49.

Last but certainly not least…

Style Eye-Con No. 3: $12.99 each. These are so easy to blend and super pretty. Ugh. I have The Shoe Gazer (fitting) & The Mod. The first is a gold, a neutral and blue and the second is white, black and a very pale lavender, both pictured above! These typically retail for $42.00.

That’s all…. FOR NOW. Currently on the hunt for some blush so I’m able to do a 100% Marc Jacobs Beauty for a bargain look… let me know if you come across it anything. Happy ~bargain~ hunting!

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