LASHES: Episode I – The Lash Lift

Welcomeeee to the first installment of my 4 part LASH SERIES. I am so incredibly excited to do this for all of you. Not only am I pumped to educate you about the options when it comes to making sure you’re lashes POP, but also because now you get to meet some of my SUPER talented and knowledgeable friends. Let’s jump right in…


L A S H  L I F T

The Basics

What is a lash lift?

A lash lift is a procedure to temporarily lift and curl your eyelashes. The service usually lasts about 8-10 weeks with proper maintenance and can run you anywhere from $50 to $100 a lift.

What are the benefits?

No more curling your lashes or worrying about the curl falling out. Lashes also appear fuller, darker and longer.

Who are the best candidates for a lash lift?

People with already long lashes and those who either can’t have eyelash extensions… or just don’t want to pay to keep getting then filled so often.

What do I have to do before I go get my lash lift?

Wear absolutely no makeup to your appointment and make sure all of the old eye makeup you were wearing is gone. Not removing your makeup will lessen the chances of the lift taking.

What is the aftercare of a lash lift?

No washing your face or getting your lashes wet for 24 hours. Stay away from anything with an oil base. You can wear makeup, however you won’t be able to take it off until the next day.


My Experience

Last week one of my ride or dies, Danielle hooked ya girl up with a LASH LIFT. Danielle is a Lash Artist at DekaLash (McMurray location, if you’re in PGH). You can find Danielle on Instagram @Danielle_Noszka to see her other work and I’m sure she won’t mind if you slide into her DM’s with LASH related questions ONLY, hehehe–> Isn’t she pretty?

ANYWAY…The whole process only took about an hour and I am so so happy with the results (pictured above). My little baby lashes look longer and with a little bit of mascara pop like it’s no body’s business. I did, however, get it done on a Saturday afternoon when I definitely had plans to go out that night…. meaning I wore makeup and could not wash my face before bed. UGHHH. Next time I’ll be thinking ahead and scheduling for a week day or night when I know I won’t be putting a bunch of jUnK on my face that will eventually need washed off. I have heard that some people get weird about the eye pads or think the solution is going to burn… I had no issues whatsoever. MOST IMPORTANTLY going to someone who is licensed or certified and knows what they’re doing is KEY. This is your eyes we’re talking about, be sure you’re going to someone who is careful, sanitary and also trained correctly.

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  1. Living in a small town we are not exposed to all of the cool and innovative beauty procedures that are out there. I have never even heard of a lash lift. Thank you for “opening our eyes” to all of the opportunities!! (No pun intended) love you girl

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