How to BoUnCe Back After Sleeping in Your Makeup

Don’t feel TOO guilty, it happens to the best of us. You had a fun night out in which you either didn’t make it home or you made it home only to die in your bed until morning, and taking off your makeup was just not in the cards for one reason or another. IT’S O K A Y. While it’s not something to make a habit of, there are some things you can do to reverse some of the damage you’ve done to your skin.

1.DO NOT Pick

There’s a chance that in the last 6-12 hours since you passed out with your makeup on, you’ve formed a blemish or two- probably more- HOWEVER…Please do not touch them. Picking at what has developed while you still have the dirty and oils from the makeup on your face can lead to further infection of the blemish. This means it gets bigger, redder and sticks around longer.

2. Makeup Wipe

It will actually amaze you to see how much foundation and pigment is left on your skin, even after sleeping through the night. It’s actually very eye opening. THAT IS STUCK IN YOUR PORES… Time to fix that

3. Hit it With the Double Cleanse

Not your day to exfoliate? Double cleanse with your regular old face wash. Is your day to exfoliate? Still, double cleanse…gotta loosen up and destroy anything sitting in those pores, chilling out, wreaking havoc on your skin.

4. Tone

It’s SUPER important that you do not skip this step…ever. I can’t stress this to you enough. However, after sleeping in your makeup it’s especially important. Toning has many benefits, that I’ll get into later, but one of the big ones is that it helps control breakouts. It does this restoring the balance after washing and masking.

5. Mask, Mask Baby

Now that your skin is clean and you can thoroughly assess what you’re working with, it’s time to pick a mask. Chances are your face is either very dry or you can feel/see that your pores are very clogged. Select a mask that is best for whatever your skin is needing. I know after I fall asleep in my makeup, dryness is never my issue- it’s the clogged pores. For this I use my go to Pore Refine Deep Detox Mask by Pacifica to really P U L L out whatever is stuck down in there. It may not show that day, but this step is imperative to healing your skin and reducing the time and severity of a breakout.

6. Tone… AGAIN


All about maintaining a healthy balance in your skin… ya know?

7. Hit it with Some Vitamin C

Vitamins come in all shapes, sizes and types… but not all vitamins were created equal. Vitamin C has so many benefits to us, it’s no surprise that it’s great for your skin. I don’t want to get too far in depth, I’ll save it for another post… the reason it’s important to use a Vitamin C Serum in the situation is because it both helps the skin heal quicker while also protecting against discoloration and improving the texture of your skin. Plus, who doesn’t want&need a little extra collagen boost?! (it does that too!)

8. Moisturize

Chances are your skin has been at least slightly dried out from sleeping with a mess of products on it, so you gotta quench that thirst. No special way to do it, just make sure you do it.

…and if you’re hitting up an outdoor brunch, try to skip the heavy foundation and use a light tinted moisturizer, your face has earned a break.

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