My Day in 10 Pics: Feb ‘18

When I did this last month, I never expected it to get as much attention as it did.

For that, I’m back with a second installment of “My Day in 10 Pics” the February edition…

1. I got my morning iced coffee.

Venti, iced coffee with 7 pumps of vanilla and 5 pumps of sweet syrup… hold the cream/milk. I used to get this with skim milk or creamer, but I kept breaking out on my cheeks. Turns out too much dairy will keep you breaking out right where I was, since I love cheese and limiting it was not an option, I cut it out of my coffee. When I switched over to almond milk, it would turn weird and kind of gross in the drink. Thus, this is my morning Starbucks order these days.

2. Self-care Saturday

Since I wake up typically before the crack of dawn (thanks Blayze), I had some time to kill before Nic and I were going to frolic downtown… so I showered and threw on a face mask. My skin needed the extra TLC.

3. Condado

I’ve been dreaming about their queso ever since it touched my lips. Love at first taste. Their tacos (and food in general) are so amazing that there’s always a wait to get it. We got lucky and got in there literally right before it got crazy.

4. Colony Cafe

We really wanted to play with some cats and drink wine…. BUT on weekends you have to schedule time to go upstairs with the kitties. It was a bump in the road, we were both sad, but the show must go on.

5. Random Vintage Entertainment Shop

While we were waiting for our uber to take us somewhere else, we stumbled into this vintage entertainment shop. I think that’s what you would call it. Vinyls, CDs and VHS tapes for $1. We found the porn corner upstairs… so many unopened vintage Playboy mags, that was good. All the weird porn on VHS made me a little uncomfortable, and even more so when Nicole pointed out that people actually used to own these things. Thank God for the internet, am I right?

6. Sienna Mercato

Tickets secured, bottle of wine drank… hereeee we go.

7. We went to a Pens game!

I actually hate hockey- Nic does too, so we didn’t last in our seats very long. This is how close we were though! Not bad for some free tickets.

8. We walked around a lot.

I actually did hold up that sign both at our seats and walking through the arena. Not sure it helped at all, but it was hilarious. Also, we met Iceburg. He rushed away from us like we had cooties.

9. We drank more.

First at a dive bar across from the arena, and then we went to the other end of the spectrum and had a drink at Social House. We closed the night out with a quick lap around Seven and then we called our Uber.

10. Sleepy Ash

andddd that was my Saturday. My feet still hurt from wearing heeled booties around the city, my legs were sore like I had worked out everyday for the past week, but it was so worth it.

Until next month…



6 Major Telltale Signs That Your Fav Instagram Account Bought Their Following

Let me start off by saying to each their own… if you want to buy followers, go ahead and do that. This isn’t to “expose” anyone, just want my followers and fellow bloggers to understand the difference between an authentic and a purchased following. Business and bloggers who buy their audience are what’s going wrong with social media, spotting them is how to help solve the problem.

To those who didn’t know there is such thing as buying your Instagram followers, there is and both people and businesses do.

Unfortunately for bloggers and small businesses trying to grow the organic way it can be frustrating to watch your number stay the same or rise slowly while another blogger or business (your competitor) is gaining over 500 followers a day (that’s a read flag by the way).

It becomes really hard not to compare yourself to the blogger down the street, and/or across the country and as much as we bloggers love to preach “community over competition“, it is a competition. We’re competing to make money in very saturated field, we’re competing to stand out in a sea of thousands. This means that we’re going to compare ourselves, just as the companies “probably” are comparing us.

    **Don’t get me wrong, most of the girls I’ve met through pghbb are now my lifelong besties, the rest I just haven’t gotten to know well enough yet. I love networking with women in my field, and because of pghbb I put off writing this post for so long… but at the end of the day IT IS a competition and this is an aspect of that competition in which some light needs to be shed on. 

As I said before, competition leads to comparing. Comparing yourself to your competition can ruin your brand. It typically leads to two detrimental things, 1. we get down on ourselves and lose the motivation to create OR 2. we (often without knowing) begin to mimic these other bloggers and lose our authenticity.

In order to STOP the comparing game and be “okay” with gaining our own following at our own rate, I decided to educate all of you on how to spot influencers and small businesses with fake or purchased followers. Keep in mind always that Beyoncé wasn’t built in a day.

1. Follower to Likes Ratio

Engagement is key for marketers, but have you ever wondered why your fellow bloggers and small businesses have about 26000 followers but get way less likes than you do at a whopping 2500? It’s probably because they’re buying their followers…

Here’s a very mathematical way to deduce if your blogging idol is a fraud, I got this information from

To calculate the engagement rates mentioned below, take the blogger under suspicion and average the amount of likes they’ve gotten on their last TEN pictures.You then need to take the average and divide it by their number of followers, the final step is to multiply by 100 & there it is

Now obviously this number means nothing unless we have something to compare it to. Luckily that same article cited above hooked us up with that as well…

*Disclaimer, this article was written right after the first IG algorithm release, these figures may not be firm BUT they’re a good guideline*

Influencers with less than 1000 followers should average 8.03% likes.

Influencers with between 1000 and 10k followers should have an average like rate of 4.04%.

Influencers with 10k to 100k the magic number is going to be 2.37%

…the list goes on, but I think we can stop at 100k. When I did my own at the time of writing this post, it came out to be 4.84%, just for transparency and reference, when I did it I had about 9,080 followers. Right on target.

Please note this is not a full proof way to tell, just like you can buy followers, you are also able to buy likes… but more on that later.

2. Online Tools

– FOHR Card

If you follow bloggers or are a blogger, you’ve seen this on some of your peers post a picture of their FOHR scorecard. In short, being verified on FOHR means that you have an authentic following. If you’re curious about FOHR and want to learn more, click here

– Social Blade

This website lets you see your Instagram score, which is weird and I don’t like this one because I don’t understand how they “grade” you BUT it also lets you see serious spikes in peoples following.

You can see how many followers they average per day, if you’re wanting to really investigate. Unfortunately the graph cant show you why there are spikes, some could be loop giveaways or features on bigger pages, but if you see these big jumps happening monthly or weekly, you know something fishy is going on. The link for Social Blade is right here.

3. Lack of Creativity/Authenticity

My favorite way to come to the conclusion that someone is buying their followers is on accident through the realization that I’ve seen their content (or something eerily similar) before… so then I begin to compare the new post to the post I’ve seen before. We’ll call the unoriginal influencer “Blogger A” and the very popular, very authentic influencer that she copied from “Blogger B”. After further inspection Blogger A has too many similar posts and captions to Blogger B. This makes me cringe for two reasons…
1. Blogger B worked to curate that post while Blogger A tried to pass it off as her own. It’s modern day plagiarism.
2. Usually after comparing feeds for a few minutes you can see that Blogger A trying to be so much like Blogger B that you have now realized she isn’t even her own individual.

The lack in Blogger A’s creativity sparked my search into her very large following and lack of engagement which now makes me think she is a fraud. Is your mind blown or nah?

Also, while we’re on the topic of authenticity and creativity, ever feel like you’ve seen the same flat lay or blogger caption every week for the past year? It’s because you have. Once we see that it works for *Betty Blogs-A-Lot* in Belgium, we have to try it. Monkey see, monkey do and then we all lose followers because they’re sick of seeing the same things over and over.

The thing is the reason that Betty is so successful is because she’s original, she’s built her following based on her own ideas, not ideas she took from someone else to try to maintain a fake following.

*Sorry I got a little sidetracked there*

4. Following A Ton of People

One big sign that your fav (or rival, might as well as it like it is) bloggers or businesses are buying their followers is if they are following an outrageous amount of people. I’m talking like 4k and above (depending on how many followers they have).

Bots often go in and follow accounts and then either you stay following them or they unfollow them for you. Constant fluctuation and a large “following” number is definitely a red flag for using follower bots.

Which brings me to my best point…

5. The Follow/Unfollow Game

It’s literally the devil of the blogging world. They follow you, you return the favor because their feed is cute and then BAM! 5 days later… UNFOLLOWED. Again, you return the favor and send a bloggerific “F U and unfollow them right back.

If this happens once, they’re probably not using a bot, they’re just assholes. HOWEVER if you start to notice a pattern… it’s happening a few times monthly, maybe even twice in one week. This is a sign of a bot.

Actually, a local hair salon that ripped me off once TWICE on extensions by claiming they were virgin human hair (they were neither) uses a bot. Realistically why would 25k people want to look at hair that looks all. the. same.

They playthe follow and unfollow game constantly. She was getting called out about it so often that she took to her story to tell everyone what was going on… soon after realizing she admitted to buying followers, it was deleted. As we all know though, you can delete your post but my screenshot will last forever.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST! How do we tell if people are not only buying followers, but likes too?

If the blogger or business in question gets say, 1400 likes on a picture, but only 6 comments… nope. Those likes were bought. There is no way that 1400+ people liked your picture, but only 6 felt compelled to comment.

That’s not really how Instagram works…

Another thing to keep an eye out for is dramatic drop or spike in the number for likes from picture to picture. Again… if you’re getting 1400 likes on one picture and 250 on the next it’s not the algorithm, it’s that you bought likes on one picture but not the other.

The last thing to look at when it comes to likes, is how quickly they get them. Often times people sign up for “automatic likes” to try to jumpstart the algorithm (it actually hurts more than it helps by the way). You’ll usually notice that these people get a set number likes in the first few minutes and don’t gain too many more after that.

Click on the link to see who liked the pictures, you’ll notice a lot of bot accounts with no posts of their own and often no profile picture either…

That’s all for today!

In conclusion, the point of this, again, was definitely not to expose anyone, it was to educate. I want other bloggers and businesses to stop comparing themselves and looking up to people and companies who aren’t authentic and don’t deserve it. Also, I want you all to be conscious of where you’re spending your money.

Social media can be a great advertisement, but it can also be false advertisement. Stay woke.

You become who inspires you, make sure it’s the right person.


Much Love,

“Trying to be unique feels manufactured and inauthentic. True creativity comes from being authentic.” –George Lizos

How I Prepare for a Shoot: Part One

Helllooo! If you’re here that probably means you’re either a blogger, photographer, model or one of my Mom’s friends. *My Mom and her friends are the most loyal followers I have, swear.

This is Part One of a highly requested series explaining how I prepare for photoshoots. All of these steps are somewhat interchangeable depending on the circumstances of your photoshoot…

Of course, the obvious is that you need to secure a photographer with a style that compliments what your aesthetic is. After that I follow three main steps to ensure that no one’s time (or money) is wasted.


Step One: Communication

This is definitely the most important step in the whole process. First things first… An example, I know that moody portraits are VERY big in my area right now, so I’m sure that I tell photographers who tend to shoot that way that I’m 100% down to do that for them… HOWEVER, if I’m paying or if I’m giving them my time for free in exchange for content for their portfolio, I also want content that I’ll actually use too. Being upfront can be hard to get used to, but they’re not mind readers, photographers need to be told what you expect and most of the time they’ll appreciate it. If they don’t they’re probably not the photographer for you.

Second, (probably more for bloggers) I let them know that I’ll be putting my preset over their edits to keep my page flowing. Most photographers are cool with it, some get a little touchy- so I always let them know ahead of time that I will be making small edits. I also request that they don’t put any presets on the ones they send to me. I asked Amy, the girl who shot the pictures in this post, how to phrase this to other photographers… she basically told me to say “retouch all you want, just don’t make me look fake or put a filter on that renders it unusable to me.”

Lastly, I ask if they have any areas in mind or have any outfits/general looks that they are going for so I am able to take that into consideration when picking my outfits.


Step Two: Planning

I plan in three steps…. but they don’t necessarily always go in this order. Different circumstances may change up the positions of my planning phase.

1. Find an outfit…

Now this for me is S U P E R easy. I’ve built up a bank in my phone of about 10-12 photoshoot outfits that are ready to go at anytime. I recommend doing this in your downtime and saving them into a separate folder of your phone.

2. Location/Theme

Usually based on my outfit or just what the photographer wants (in which case I pick my outfit second) the location is chosen. After that I usually pick a theme… examples would be coffee shop = lifestyle pics, shooting in the city = fashion editorial, etc… sometimes I do this after seeing inspiration on Pinterest (see next step). In this particular shoot featured in this post, the location was picked first. Since it was in a museum, I decided to take both casual and more high fashion looks. It made for cool shots and honestly seems like we were in two different locations.

3. Mood Boards


Based on the first two, whatever order they may actually go in, or sometimes when I’m just lurking on Pinterest, I create a mood board. To create the mood boards I the Instacollage app… from there they go into their own mood board folder (pictured above) until I use them.

I use my mood boards for three things. 1. Poses… I love studying poses. 2. Themes & inspiration 3. Location specific shots. I NEVER TRY TO MIMIC THE EXACT POSE, OUTFIT AND PICTURE. I USE THEM FOR INSPIRATION NOT IMITATION. I actually rarely use Pinterest or Instagram for outfit inspo because its easy to imitate an outfit and then I find I start to wear things that aren’t necessarily “me”.


Step Three: Collaboration

I use this term not to mean that I don’t pay for my shoots, I use it to mean that an important step in producing good content is collaborating to make a great shot.

It is important to collaborate and talk about your ideas before the shoot- discuss the location, send pictures of outfits you’re thinking about wearing… the more you bounce ideas off of and collaborate with one another before the shoot, the smoother things will go because you’ll be more comfortable. When you know that a plan is laid out, both parties know they’re going to get what they need, it’s more relaxing for everyone and it translates in the pictures.

I hope this was helpful! Any questions always feel free to reach out to me…



*All shots are taken by my photographer friend Amy in the Carnegie Museum is Art, you can find her Instagram that here.


How to Style Dad Sweaters Without Looking like a Bum…

It’s STILL winter, the snow is STILL falling, it’s STILL COLD AF… Maybe you don’t feel like wearing a bra, but need to look presentable… or maybe you want to look cute, but not freeze your nipples off… what do you wear? Enter the *Dad Sweater*. Cute, comfy and sometimes even a little sexy… You can even low key wear layers under them… but how do you rock them without looking a sack of potatoes? Here are a few ways to style them…

1. Cute… but Casual

Brunch wear af. Wearing fishnets under girlfriend jeans is my favorite… for this look I did that and paired my Dads vintage J Crew sweater with my Forever21 utility coat (neither are still available online). Some Adidas shell toes to complete the look and keep it super comfy, casual!

2. Night on the Town

Wore this great Goodwill find with my favorite Express skort and DSW over the knee boots! I accessorized the look with my Nine West bag- probably from Marshall’s- and a pair of nude fishnets from Express… don’t forget the softest Old Navy scarf (sold out) to keep the outfit winter appropriate. This is the perfect GNO outfit. *the skort is no longer available on the website, so I linked a Poshmark account that I found it on!

3. Wine and Dine

Can you say date night?! Grabbed this sweater (again at Goodwill) & wore it with black ripped jeans. I coordinated the gold in the shoes with my belt, so I was sure to tuck the front of my sweater in to show that off…. I’m all about the details, as most of you know by now! The only thing still available for purchase in this outfit are my black beloved ripped jeans.

4. Tomboy Style

This is a great “brunch with the gals” look. I wore my oversized H&M sweater with a pair of Express joggers and my Cape Robbin clear boots. I added my Target utility style raincoat to give it some Yeezy vibes. I’m always trying to figure out how to incorporate heels and sweats into any look… this one made me feel a little badass, for really no reason BUT it did. The boots are the only things still currently listed online, but sold out. I linked them anyway just in case!

5. The Basics

I saved this look for last because it’s the most obvious “Dad Sweater” look. Grab your fav pair of leggings and a pair of boots and BAM you’re ready for anything… lunch date? You’re here for it, grocery shopping? You’re ready & you’re ultra comfortable. This is the same cable knit sweater as the picture above, just with some Express leggings. Nothing you can’t find literally everywhere else!

I hope you all enjoyed this and that it was helpful! If you’re struggle to style a certain article of clothing or failing to achieve a certain look you’re striving for, comment below or message me on Instagram. I’m always looking for unique inspiration & I love to help others look as great on the outside as they are are on the inside!



A-Z, All About Me

Hello! I hope you had an amazing week! Today I am going to describe myself using one word beginning with every letter of the alphabet… with no explanation. You’ll go on to see that sometimes sticking to one word is just too hard.

Obviously this idea is not original to me, I found it on Pinterest & thought it would be a cool challenge for myself. I definitely could have made it just nice things, but I know my flaws so without further ado…

A- Aquarius

B- “Blue-eyed”, “Brunette”…. but probably BITCHY.

C- Creative… Compassionate… Cute AF?

D- Demanding

E- Eccentric

F- Fucking Funny AF

G- Generous, like too generous.

H- Humorous

I- Ice Queen

J- Jaunty

K- Kindhearted

L- Loyal (to a fault)

M- Moody

N- Nervous

O- Overdramatic

P- Perfect… Psychotic… JK, Passionate

Q- Querulous (this means whiney)

R- Real

S- Sarcastic

T- Tall

U- Unfiltered

V- Vain

W- Wild

X- Xtra (does this count?!)

Y- Yummy

Z- Zany

…..that was way harder than I expected. My quick “15 minute” blog took me almost an hour to write! I’m sure you all can tell which ones are a joke or that I just gave up on (xtra). Hahaha I had a lot of trouble with “X, Y & Q”… like laughing out loud at myself and I also googled a few times, nonetheless it was super fun!

Comment below and tell me your favorite letter or if we have anything in common!


My Five Favorite Lines to Live By

The five quotes that get me through the day are…

1. Onward & Upward.

– I know if you follow my personal IG or Pittsburgh Blogger Babes you’ve seen me say this thousands of times! It’s truly my mantra. It reminds me to keep pushing on because the only way to go when you’re feeling low or something sets you back… is up!

2. It is what it is.

– This phrase keeps me from getting emotionally caught up in situations that I have no control over. It is what it is and there’s nothing I can do about it… time to move on and push forward.

3. Per aspera ad astra.

– A Latin phrase meaning through hardships to the stars. This baby is my next tattoo, just waiting for “the climb” to get it. It’s also special to me because in grades 6-8 I took Latin! I only really know the pronouns, some prayers (catholic school problems) & that “uva” is grape BUT WHOS ASKING?!

4. If they’re talking about you they’re leaving somebody else alone.

– My Mom used to say this to me weekly growing up… girls are mean. Even though I push companionship over competition, I know I’m not always going to be liked or that people won’t always agree with what I’m doing. I just try to keep this in my head on repeat… I guess you could adapt it to social media times and say “If they’re trolling you, they’re leaving someone else alone”. Either way, think of it as your daily good deed that you didn’t know you were doing!

5. When one door closes, another one opens.

-I used to hate this saying so much… but it is literally so so so true. In light of being let go from the salon I was doing some freelance work for due to them seeing no value in social media, I just keep trying to tell myself that something great is just around the corner!

Shot By @elise.michaux

Comment & tell me your favorite lines to live by!

My Day in 10 Pics: Jan ’18

Saw this idea on Pinterest and figured I’d give it a whirl, with my own twist of course… Please note I did so this on a day when I do way more than I typically would.

1. Woke up next to my cat, Blayze.

Of course it’s not a man, I’ve actually declared myself undatable & proud. I don’t know why I’m undatable, I seem pretty f*cking good on paper. Attractive, college degree, driven, entrepreneurial minded, funny af….opinionated, indecisive, swears like a sailor… undatable. Some girls are bi, some girls are married, some girls are devoutly feminist… Although I don’t know why, I’ve accepted that my label is “undatable”… so I’ll wear that proudly.

2. Went on my usually morning Starbucks run….

If I wrote all of this yesterday would it shock you guys? I didn’t, but I could have because all of my days literally start the same way. Wake up, work, get coffee, work some more… when your phone is where your job is there is no out of office. If you follow me, you know it’s iced coffee only. Even when it’s 10 degrees.

3. I took a shower.

Shaved, exfoliated… the whole 9. I’m trying out this new charcoal tooth paste process thing, I’ll write a review on it later. I like to use powder tooth paste in the shower so it doesn’t get everywhere. I’m getting a spray tan later so the whole shower process is a lot of exfoliating, let me know if you want me to tell you about that another time!

4. Got some work done.

Between the PBB meet up this weekend & a social media in service at the salon this month, I am swamped. When I’m not running around like a wild woman, you’ll find me right in this little nook working my little ass off.

5. Met with Jess @6cycle!

This place makes me want to start working out…. it might just happen. Lots to talk about with Jess… I’m doing her events company’s Instagram, she’s planning my bloggerific birthday party & 6ycle is partnering with the Pittsburgh Blogger Babes... lots to discuss! Speaking of 6ycle, everyone’s first ride is free and if you’re buying a package put my name in the promo code line so they know who sent you!

6. Chipotle…. duh

…yeah I eat all of that. Hot salsa till I die 🔥🖤

7. I built this shoe rack.

…well finished building it. It’s been a work in progress for about a month now. My babies are all so pretty, even the ones that can’t fit on this rack.

8. Phase 1 New Year, New Hairs @dallasbeautylounge

Sammi made my hair brown & Kristina tanned my pale ass… Go follow them now. More to come with these pretty ladies & The Best Business in Pittsburgh. *not being over-dramatic, they actually won that award* I mean come on, their hair dryers come out of the ceiling…….. COOL A F.

9. Wrote and edited this post

In my Calvin’s in my editing chair… this is how I work 99.9% of the time. Nail color is OPI Lincoln Park After Dark ~the OG~

10. Unisom & Sleep

As you can see… kitty boy is already ready to catch some Zzz’s. If you’re curious about Unisom or why I use it feel free to message me!

…andddd there’s a day in the life of me. I’d like to do this monthly because it was a challenging kind of fun! Let me know if you like 🖤

New Year, New Goals

HAPPY (almost) 2018! NEW YEAR, NEW ME… KIDDING. It’s NEW YEAR, NEW GOALS! You all know I’ve been so so so exited for a new beginning, here are some of the things I’ll be doing this year!

1. Hop Onto YouTube!

– not full time, just half the time. I won’t leave my readers hanging…

2. Grow Pittsburgh Blogger Babes

– more meet ups, more business partners, you name it, we’re coming for it. More mutually beneficial opportunities for both bloggers and photographers!

3. Launch My Own Company

– I’ve found my passion, now I want to make it my career.

4. Get Out of My Own Head

– going for that casting or actually posting that personal post, I need to stop holding myself back because of insecurities and anxiety.

5. Stay Positive

– keep the past in the past & push forward. “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way” I also need to start trying to see the “upside” of negative situations. Being a realist sometimes causes me to always lean towards the pessimist side of things, because the world we live in is so dark. In 2018 I want to be more positive in all my thought processes.

6. Be Productive

– If it doesn’t help my professional, personal or financial growth… ya girl isn’t interested. I’m tired of putting my time into things that don’t benefit my end goal.

7. Be More Heath Conscious

-workouts, not eating double cheese burgers three times a week, less soda, more h2o… the norm.

8. Mental Health Awareness

-yes, I’m obviously well aware that I have anxiety and seasonal depression, however sometimes I think I low key let it take over my life because I’m unaware it’s happening until it’s out of control. I want to me more conscious of that and work on conquering my anxiety little by little.

9. Push Myself Out of My Comfort Zone

-…and find a group of friends that pushes me to do so. I have such an awesome support group now, they really do push me to be better…. however, no one said having lots of motivating friends was a bad thing right?!

10. Stop Comparing

-I want to stop comparing myself, my content and my brand to others. I want to take things at my own pace and build an awesome, loyal following.. but I need to understand that all of this takes time. Beyoncé wasn’t built in a day!

11. Be More Candid

-I’ve been told *I’m pretty funny for a girl*… the thing is, my sense of humor is super sarcastic (you have to be intelligent to get most of my jokes) & also very perverted (my personality is not for the faint of heart)… I want all of my followers to see that side of me. That’s partly why I want to go onto YouTube. So I’m 2018, you’ll be getting a less filtered Ashlie, I’m sorry & you’re welcome in advance.

12. Make More Memories

-spending money on clothes is cool (and also what keeps me able to do what I do), but next year I want to be able to take more trips… less spending on clothes, more investing in memories.

13. Get a Pup

-yeppp, that’s right. Definitely a more *end of year goal*, but I definitely want to expand my fur family this year!


Skin Care Routine December ’17

Hi guys! Sorry about the hiatus, busy trying to build an empire… decided I should pop back in for a little skin care regiment because that’s where it all began, right?!


It’s winter and my face, lips especially, are taking a hit. To keep my lips in check, I go with Burt’s Bee’s Wax. Any kind, but the original is def my go-to. Here’s the rest of my daily routine… no masks, no extras- just the basics. I cut out steps 1-3 in the morning, or if I haven’t worn makeup that day.

  1. Lancome Bi-Facial Make Up Remover- On the eyes with a cotton pad.
  2. Monastery Rose Cleansing Oil- Applied all over my face, wiped away with a cotton pad.
  3. Neutrogena Night Calming Makeup Wipes- A quick swipe over the face… Don’t throw away this towelette just yet!
  4. Tula Purifying Face Cleanser- My new right hand, my new favorite, the best thing I’ve ever washed my face with.
  5. Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator- Exfoliate, every other or every two days.
  6. Neutrogena Night Calming Makeup Wipes- Used to get the rest of that pesky eye liner/mascara off.
  7. Monastery Hydra Facial Mist- New fave toner. If you’re in Pittsburgh you can grab the Monastery products at RadRitual!
  8. Rutz Naturals Potent-C– Obsessed, just obsessed. Magic in a bottle, k. bye.
  9. Rutz Naturals Lighten Up– Moisturizer that smells as good as it works. S A V I N G my skin right now.

Bargain of the Week: Ruffled Sleeve Crew Neck

I was searching for something to wear to a shoot last week. I was looking for something very specific. I knew I wanted a pop of color, preferably a dark red, but I also knew I didn’t want to spend much… at all.

After going to several stores, I was feeling slightly defeated. Anything that was like what I had in mind was $28 to $55. UGH.

After what seemed like hours of searching, I had almost given up when I walked into Aerie, stumbled back to their sales rack and laid my eyes on this beauty…
Flowers by @jessica_linn_events
The sign above the clearance rack said “60% off.”

I’m not good at math… like at all, so I typically just wait until I’m at the register and hope for the best. I was SHOOK when they told me $15.90.

You can get it for yourself right here.

This crew neck is perfect for two reasons. It’s comfortable, like sinfully comfortable… and it’s versatile. 

It comes in a handful of colors including a really nice gray, may have to snag that one for myself too! If you see me around Pittsburgh wearing this 4 times a week, don’t judge me.