Foundation or Concealer: What Goes First?! 

The “what comes first” foundation or concealer battle is almost as infamous as the chicken or the egg debate… almost. 

Here’s the thing… NEITHER SIDE IS WRONG. 

Foundation First

If you’re looking for a full converse, no-sheerness-here makeup look… apply your foundation first, then use your concealer to add extra coverage where you may need it (under the eyes, middle of the forehead and/or on any blemish). Also, if you use a lighter concealer shade to highlight or you prefer brushes or sponges, you’ll want to use your concealer after your foundation. 

Concealer First

Lately I’ve been going back to this way and I’m very into it. The reason being, I don’t like to wear a full coverage foundation. I start by using the concealer under my eyes, in the center of my forehead and a tiny bit on my chin. I then blend that out before using my B.B. Cream or foundation. 

Use a sponge, not a brush to keep from wiping away your concealer. I find that I use way less of both products this way and I like the way my makeup lays better, actually. 
It’s all about preference, people. Makeup is meant to be played with, it’s meant to have fun with… there are no rules. If you’re into one way, try the other and let me know your thoughts! 

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