My *Everyday* Makeup Must-haves

Let me preface this by saying I definitely do not wear makeup everyday. I believe in giving my skin some TLC and keeping it light unless I have a big event or maybe just feel like getting all dulled up! This product lineup is perfect for an interview or at the office (when you feel like wearing makeup) or a coffee date… quick, easy and low maintenance.

1. Nivea Men’s Aftershave Sensitive Balm

I constantly get asked why this is my vanity… it’s my favorite primer ever. It nourishes your skin and fills in where it needs to while creating a perfect, kind of tacky base for your foundation, BB Cream or tinted moisturizer.

2. The Balm Cosmetics Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer or Smashbox BB Cream

Your choice in product will depend on what level of coverage you want…You can ever use both at the same time (moisturizer first, then BB cream) for more coverage. The tinted moisturizer does just that, give you a nice even tint- while the BB cream does the same thing with a little more coverage. Feel free to step it up to a medium coverage foundation if you feel more comfortable, but again I like to keep it light.

3. TooFaced Born This Way Concealer

My fav concealer. I’ve tried others, this one just spreads and blends so smoothly. It also covers any sort of blemish that you may have. I apply a few small dots under my eyes, a dot on my chin and some weird “flower” shape on my forehead. I use a brush to spread it and a damp sponge to blend it all out. Get a concealer that is a shade or so too light for a highlighting effect, but be cautious you don’t want it to be too light and wash you out!

4. The Balm Cosmetics Photobalm Powder

Power is necessary to set your “foundation” and concealer. This is what keeps it bulletproof and in place However, often times this step is skipped for a “lazy-day” look. Don’t do that… I’m not telling you to “pack it on and *bake* your under eyes for 20 minutes” or something ridiculous. I’m telling you to take big powder brush and quickly apply this to your face. I prefer pressed powders over loose powders because they’re less messy and give you a less “cakey” look in the end. *Pro tip* “baking” is a waste of product unless you’re SERIOUSLY oily and will be out sweating all day. Be wary of strange makeup trends, they could just be a way for companies to sell products quicker.

5. Benefit Hoola Bronzer

We no longer bronze our whole face, THANK THE LORD. *Remember when everyone had the spot of bronzer in the middle of their forehead in the early 2000’s, good times, man.* Under the cheek bones, on the jaw line (blend it into the neck, no one likes a line) and at the top of my forehead. If this is confusing…. remember the number 3. Start at your temples and draw a “3” or an “E” depending on which side you’re working on. The middle line should be under your cheek bone and the bottom on your jaw line! Contoured in 1,2,3… literally.

6. Nude Blush

My favorites here are Papa Don’t Peach by TooFaced and also a few of the, lighter more neutral shades in the BH Cosmetics Nude Blush Palette. Talk about a great palette for a great price. Blends out nice, has shades for everyone.


7. Highlight- *The Change Up*

I probably change this out the most in my lineup…sometimes I use Becca’s Moonstone or Champagne Pop, recently I’ve been using Nomad Cosmetics Midnight Sun more…sometimes I skip it all together. I try to select a subtle shade that compliments my skin tone for everyday wear. I don’t really need to be looking like a glazed donut at 1 pm on a Wednesday. For the sake of this post though, highlight your cheek bones, the tip of your nose & your cupid’s bow.

8. NYX Brown Retractable Eyeliner

Just a tiny bit on the top waterline to define my lashes without the harsh “top eyeliner” look, and in the outer corner of my lower lid. I usually smudge the bottom liner out, but make sure you do it right away- once this stuff is in place it doesn’t move.

9. Benefit Rollerlash Masacara

I love this mascara… I will sometimes substitute it with others, but it just gives the perfect subtle lash look. If you’re wondering why this is my choice for everyday life or you want to explore more options, click here.

10. NYX Clear Brow Gel

Since I got my eyebrows tinted *more on that later* I’ve been just “gel-ing” my brows into place and going about my day. Takes two seconds and keeps you from looking like there are caterpillars crawling across your forehead.

11. e.l.f. Setting Spray

Cheap and reliable… could you ask for anything more in an everyday wear product. No kidding this stuff works ALMOST as well as the Urban Decay All Nighter spray that I use for a night out. You can also use the Evian Brumisateur Spray if you’re a fan of that… like me!


I apply bronzer it all over the lower lid and darker in the crease. I then throw my highlighter under eye brow along the bone and on my inner lid to brighten up my eyes! Doing this gives your eye lid dimension and it’s like wearing eyeshadow without having to pull out alllll of the supplies to do an eye look.


This whole process will probably take you no longer than 5-8 minutes once you get the hang of that. Think you can handle that?

Any questions or product recommendations… please comment them below!

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