Common Sense Makeup Hacks That You Would Never Think Of…

I’ve learned so much about makeup in the last few months that I am literally on overload…however, there are certain things that have stuck out to me more than others as being an obvious *DUH*, but I would have NEVER thought of it on my own.

Five of the most “Ah-Duh” makeup hacks I’ve learned recently…

1. Using Eyelid Primer, as  E Y E B R O W  Primer

BAM! 24 hour brows. This was recommended to me one day in Ulta by the TooFaced sales rep. She put me on to using the TooFaced Shadow Insurance on my brows before filling them in and gel-ing them into place. It most definitely extends the life of your brows. I also tried it with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and it does the job as well. I wouldn’t go using a white primer, but experiment with your favorite and let me know how it works out for you!

2. Wet a Thin Brush and Make Eyeshadows,  E Y E L I N E R

Love that dark shade in your pallet but you’re not sure if its too dark for you? Use it as eyeliner. Wet your brush, dip it in and thereeee ya go! This gives you a reason to go snatch that pallet that you only think you’ll use 1/2 of… you’re welcome.

3. Use a  W H I T E  Primer to Make The Perfect  O M B R E  Lip

I was put onto the this trick and haven’t stopped spreading the word since I learned about it. Dab a little white base in the center of your lips and press it in…P E R F E C T I O N. I use my NYX White Eyeshadow Base- works like a charm.

4. Make  A N Y  Brush a Contour Brush with a Bobbie Pin

Left your contour brush at home? Find a Bobbie Pin. I say “find” because those things grow legs and hide, I swear. Slide that sucker at the base of the bristles and it’s *MAGIC*… This trick could also be used to make thinner brushes a fan brush- if you’re into those. Personally, they’re not my favorite.

5. Wipe Your Brushes Off After  E V E R Y  Use with a Makeup Wipe

You’ll still have to do your weekly cleaning, BUT this will reduce the build up of pigments, bacteria and other *things* and make those weekly cleanings SO MUCH easier. Sit the wipe on whatever surface you do your makeup in front of… if you sit on the floor, please keep it on your leg… and wipe as you go! You and your skin will thank me later.



Felt like you should have already be doing 98% of this don’t you? No worries… I was once in your shoes. That’s all for now, as I come across more fun hacks I’ll be sure to pass them along.

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