A-Z, All About Me

Hello! I hope you had an amazing week! Today I am going to describe myself using one word beginning with … More

My Day in 10 Pics: Jan ’18

Saw this idea on Pinterest and figured I’d give it a whirl, with my own twist of course… Please note … More

New Year, New Goals

HAPPY (almost) 2018! NEW YEAR, NEW ME… KIDDING. It’s NEW YEAR, NEW GOALS! You all know I’ve been so so … More


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13 Things About Me

I promised I’d start to let you get to know the “real me”… today seemed like an oddly fitting day … More

Tint & Tan

I’m going to start giving you all more frequent gimpses into my real life (slowly but surely). Since I’m still not super comfortable talking about what’s going on in my head or anything serious in my life (not that theres anything to write home or worry about), I’m going to start small.

🌹5000 Follower Giveaway💄

I really want to thank all of my awesome followers and subscribers…. soooo we’re going to do a BONUS giveaway … More