Product Review: The Blaq Mask

This month in my Ipsy Bag I received a sample of the Blaq mask that everyone is dying to try. It’s one of those *peel off charcoal* masks that everyone is DYING to get their hands on. 

​Here are my thoughts:

1. It’s hard to apply. 

It starts to dry as you’re putting it on, so it peels off as your rubbing it on. Gotta move fastttt. 

2. The consistency is not ideal.

For how quickly it dried on my face, it was actually kind of runny at first- definitely threw me off a little. 

3. Don’t use this if you have dry skin.

If you’re combination or normal be careful… if your oily, this mask is ideal for you. It made my normal skin feel a little dry, so just use caution. 

4. Did it work?

My skin feels soft and my pores are noticeably smaller. It didn’t pull everything out, but it definitely did what it was supposed to do in most places. 

5. Does it hurt?

LOL…. NO. It stings in some spots, mostly where I got too close to my hairline and caught some baby hairs & peach fuzz. I swear it’s nothing like the videos on Facebook where you see people screaming like they’re being stabbed. 

If you have any other masks you’re curious about, comment below and I’ll try them out for yo

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