A-Z, All About Me

Hello! I hope you had an amazing week! Today I am going to describe myself using one word beginning with every letter of the alphabet… with no explanation. You’ll go on to see that sometimes sticking to one word is just too hard.

Obviously this idea is not original to me, I found it on Pinterest & thought it would be a cool challenge for myself. I definitely could have made it just nice things, but I know my flaws so without further ado…

A- Aquarius

B- “Blue-eyed”, “Brunette”…. but probably BITCHY.

C- Creative… Compassionate… Cute AF?

D- Demanding

E- Eccentric

F- Fucking Funny AF

G- Generous, like too generous.

H- Humorous

I- Ice Queen

J- Jaunty

K- Kindhearted

L- Loyal (to a fault)

M- Moody

N- Nervous

O- Overdramatic

P- Perfect… Psychotic… JK, Passionate

Q- Querulous (this means whiney)

R- Real

S- Sarcastic

T- Tall

U- Unfiltered

V- Vain

W- Wild

X- Xtra (does this count?!)

Y- Yummy

Z- Zany

…..that was way harder than I expected. My quick “15 minute” blog took me almost an hour to write! I’m sure you all can tell which ones are a joke or that I just gave up on (xtra). Hahaha I had a lot of trouble with “X, Y & Q”… like laughing out loud at myself and I also googled a few times, nonetheless it was super fun!

Comment below and tell me your favorite letter or if we have anything in common!


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