About Me

IMG_7525I’m Ashlie

Who am I?

I’m a 26 year old with a passion for skincare, makeup and fashion who paired those with her love for writing and started a blog!


I will also be a licensed Esthetician soon, so I am quite qualified to help you out. Skincare is a recent passion of mine that I discovered in school, however, I have now jumped in with both feet and I’m gaining new knowledge to share with my followers everyday! My skin type is a combination of normal and also a bit dry in some spots, so the products I use are geared towards what I need… I am always happy to recommend other products, so please reach out to me with any questions you may have. As for makeup, my style is definitely somewhere in between subtle and drag queen, but more towards subtle… honestly, it depends on my mood- I’ll try to show an array of things, but again suggestions and questions are always welcome!


I see my style as grungy and edgy with a hint of high fashion… also sometimes very Tom-Boy. I constantly get told that I should be living in California because of my style. Love the compliment, but I reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and have since my sophomore year of college. Pittsburgh is usually a little behind on the trends so my outfits are often invoke one of two reactions: “OMFG please start dressing me?” or “OMG WTF IS THAT BITCH WEARING?”… Either way, I’ve learned that being you and being comfortable with who you are is the best thing in this W O R L D. If you do ask me to dress you, expect to be taken out of your comfort zone…just ask my friends, but there will be a post about that eventually! Even if you aren’t a fan of my style or the outfits I post, I just want you to take away that you should be yourself and feel comfortable expressing who you are. Love Yourself.


How did I get here?IMG_7388


Let’s start at the beginning… I was born in 1991 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Yes, the small town where SlapShot was filmed, and no, I’ve never seen it. I grew up in the Catholic school system, where English and education in general were super important. This is where I found my passion for writing, and also where it became almost perfected and not by choice (shoutout to all my English teachers). By the age of 18, I saw language as the most powerful form of art which had an impact on my life from there on out…

Soon it was time for college, I chose to go to Robert Morris University for what other than Communications and during my sophomore year I selected public relations as my concentration. Here I found my passion for social media and saw the power that it had. I started college in 2009, when Facebook was just becoming popular and Twitter and Instagram where on the horizon… I had NO CLUE how much these websites would shape what I wanted to do with my life, but they did!


After college, I landed a great corporate sales job and then an even better one quickly after that. During my time in sales I both found my interest in makeup and in fashion, because I sat in front of a computer with two screens, one of which 99.9% of the time had Pinterest pulled up. I was constantly scrolling through and seeking inspiration for what to wear to work or out that weekend, what makeup products to use… the amount of information was endless.

Finally, after two years of hating my life doing inside sales, I took a leap of faith and went to a startup company…. It may not have worked out the way I’d hoped (I was let go due to them not being ready for a sales person), BUT the universe works in mysterious ways. I was able to FINALLY go back to school for something that I was passionate about making people feel good about themselves. No lie… when I first started school all I wanted to do was “makeup and eyelash extensions,” until I fell in L O V E with the skincare aspect of Esthetics. Andddd that’s how I got here……


IMG_7505What is my goal?

My goals with this blog is to help all of you look and feel your best. I want to encourage you to be yourself, dress however you’d like, and really put yourself out there because that’s when great things happen.


Why am i different?

In a field (blogging) seemingly saturated with MUAs and Fashion Bloggers, I bring something more to the table.

The S K I N C A R E aspect of my blog. Not only will I give you some tips and tricks about your makeup, but I’ll also hook you up with products to keep your skin looking flawless with out it!