My Five Favorite Lines to Live By

The five quotes that get me through the day are…

1. Onward & Upward.

– I know if you follow my personal IG or Pittsburgh Blogger Babes you’ve seen me say this thousands of times! It’s truly my mantra. It reminds me to keep pushing on because the only way to go when you’re feeling low or something sets you back… is up!

2. It is what it is.

– This phrase keeps me from getting emotionally caught up in situations that I have no control over. It is what it is and there’s nothing I can do about it… time to move on and push forward.

3. Per aspera ad astra.

– A Latin phrase meaning through hardships to the stars. This baby is my next tattoo, just waiting for “the climb” to get it. It’s also special to me because in grades 6-8 I took Latin! I only really know the pronouns, some prayers (catholic school problems) & that “uva” is grape BUT WHOS ASKING?!

4. If they’re talking about you they’re leaving somebody else alone.

– My Mom used to say this to me weekly growing up… girls are mean. Even though I push companionship over competition, I know I’m not always going to be liked or that people won’t always agree with what I’m doing. I just try to keep this in my head on repeat… I guess you could adapt it to social media times and say “If they’re trolling you, they’re leaving someone else alone”. Either way, think of it as your daily good deed that you didn’t know you were doing!

5. When one door closes, another one opens.

-I used to hate this saying so much… but it is literally so so so true. In light of being let go from the salon I was doing some freelance work for due to them seeing no value in social media, I just keep trying to tell myself that something great is just around the corner!

Shot By @elise.michaux

Comment & tell me your favorite lines to live by!

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