New Year, New Goals

HAPPY (almost) 2018! NEW YEAR, NEW ME… KIDDING. It’s NEW YEAR, NEW GOALS! You all know I’ve been so so so exited for a new beginning, here are some of the things I’ll be doing this year!

1. Hop Onto YouTube!

– not full time, just half the time. I won’t leave my readers hanging…

2. Grow Pittsburgh Blogger Babes

– more meet ups, more business partners, you name it, we’re coming for it. More mutually beneficial opportunities for both bloggers and photographers!

3. Launch My Own Company

– I’ve found my passion, now I want to make it my career.

4. Get Out of My Own Head

– going for that casting or actually posting that personal post, I need to stop holding myself back because of insecurities and anxiety.

5. Stay Positive

– keep the past in the past & push forward. “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way” I also need to start trying to see the “upside” of negative situations. Being a realist sometimes causes me to always lean towards the pessimist side of things, because the world we live in is so dark. In 2018 I want to be more positive in all my thought processes.

6. Be Productive

– If it doesn’t help my professional, personal or financial growth… ya girl isn’t interested. I’m tired of putting my time into things that don’t benefit my end goal.

7. Be More Heath Conscious

-workouts, not eating double cheese burgers three times a week, less soda, more h2o… the norm.

8. Mental Health Awareness

-yes, I’m obviously well aware that I have anxiety and seasonal depression, however sometimes I think I low key let it take over my life because I’m unaware it’s happening until it’s out of control. I want to me more conscious of that and work on conquering my anxiety little by little.

9. Push Myself Out of My Comfort Zone

-…and find a group of friends that pushes me to do so. I have such an awesome support group now, they really do push me to be better…. however, no one said having lots of motivating friends was a bad thing right?!

10. Stop Comparing

-I want to stop comparing myself, my content and my brand to others. I want to take things at my own pace and build an awesome, loyal following.. but I need to understand that all of this takes time. Beyoncé wasn’t built in a day!

11. Be More Candid

-I’ve been told *I’m pretty funny for a girl*… the thing is, my sense of humor is super sarcastic (you have to be intelligent to get most of my jokes) & also very perverted (my personality is not for the faint of heart)… I want all of my followers to see that side of me. That’s partly why I want to go onto YouTube. So I’m 2018, you’ll be getting a less filtered Ashlie, I’m sorry & you’re welcome in advance.

12. Make More Memories

-spending money on clothes is cool (and also what keeps me able to do what I do), but next year I want to be able to take more trips… less spending on clothes, more investing in memories.

13. Get a Pup

-yeppp, that’s right. Definitely a more *end of year goal*, but I definitely want to expand my fur family this year!


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