13 Things About Me

I promised I’d start to let you get to know the “real me”… today seemed like an oddly fitting day to bring you 13 facts about myself… it’ll make more sense in a second.

1. My favorite number is 13. (There it is…) I wore it when I played basketball, long before T. Swift made it hers. It was my Dad’s number when he played… 

2.  I own an all black cat… who crosses my path daily. His name is Blayze and we send out Christmas Cards- comment your address below if you want on the list! 

3. My favorite color is purple… well black, but I’m told that’s not a color… so PURPLE IT IS.

4. I was born in February, so my birthstone is my favorite *color*. 🔮

5. I’m an Aquarius… it’s inked on me for life.  

6. My favorite holiday is Halloween. Shocking. I know. 👻 

7. I have one sibling. His name is Billy… he’s 22 and single, ladies! 

8. My eye color changes. When I’m happy they’re bright blue, sometimes greenish, and when I’m in an *off* mood they’re dark and more gray… AND GUYS SAY GIRLS ARE HARD TO READ🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

9. I have two ~unofficial nephews~ & they’re the lights of my life. It’s a running joke that they can get me to do ANYTHING, but it isn’t actually a joke because they can and they know it. 

10. My Pap Moose (maternal grandfather) named me after his favorite character on The Young and The Restless. 

11. My Mom spelt my name AshlIE because her name is spelled TracEY… always wanted to be TracIE, so here we are. 

12. My middle name is Nicole… the only think I like about it is that me and one of my bffs since age 4 or 5 share the same one. She’s not a fan either. 

13. I love cheese probably more than I’ll ever love any human being…still waiting for someone to prove me wrong 🧀 

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